Where To Put Dehumidifier In Gun Safe

Where To Put Dehumidifier In Gun Safe

Many gun owners store their guns and shooting gears inside the gun unit to protect them from unauthorized hands. What if your stored firearms start getting rust or mold due to a high level of humidity? To get the solution and where to put the dehumidifier in the gun safe we have covered in this article. 

The place where you live has a high level of humidity can increase moisture inside the unit that can cause damage to your guns, ammo, and even your shooting gear.

To overcome this problem, you will need a gun-safe dehumidifier to control the humidity level to prevent dust, mold, and moisture inside the safety box.

Whatever the weather condition is dehumidifier will protect your firearms, shooting gear, and other important items from moisture. To get the maximum benefit from the dehumidifier, we will tell where to put the dehumidifier in a gun safe.

Where to put dehumidifier in gun safe

When you have a dehumidifier and didn’t know where to place it inside the gun safe, then the best option is to put it on the surface of the unit. But there are many dehumidifiers available for gun safe in multiple sizes, and choose according to your safety box size. Below we have discussed the types of dehumidifiers available and where you can place them.

Best place for dehumidifier rod

The dehumidifier rod is mainly placed on the ground floor of the gun safe. If you place the rod at the corners of the unit, it might not be as effective as it will be on the floor. There should be pre-drilled holes to pass the wire of electric rode inside the unit.

You can also do it on your own to pass the cord of the dehumidifier and plug it into the socket. The electric rod passes the warm air inside the unit and absorbs the humidity level in control.

Silica Gel Based Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

This type of dehumidifier can be placed anywhere inside the gun safe. These are commonly used and humidifiers that do not require any electricity to run them. Also, you have to place them inside the oven to charge when the colors change from orange to dark green in color.

They work silently and do not require any hole inside the unit. The best place to put them is at the corners of the unit and ideal for small to medium-size units.

Desiccant Based Dehumidifier


SnapSafe 75902 Safe Dehumidifier

A desiccant dehumidifier can also be placed anywhere inside the gun unit as they absorb the air’s moisture perfectly, keeping the humidity level in control. Desiccant is a gel-based dehumidifier that needs to replace one month or below one month, depending upon the humid condition.

Which Model Is Right For Your Handgun/Rifle/Long Gun Safe

There are 3 dehumidifiers currently available in the market, but mainly 2 are used mostly, and these are the best options for your unit. These are electric rod and desiccant-based models. If you are the owner of a large gun safe, I would recommend you go with an electric rod dehumidifier as it will work more effectively, preventing any damage to your firearms.

But if you have a medium size gun safe and the location where you live is not highly humid, you can go with a desiccant-based humidifier. Also, if there is no pre-drilled hole or your unit is waterproof or fireproof, then desiccant is perfect for controlling humidity levels. 

How Many Dehumidifiers Should Safe Owner Use?

It totally depends on the size of the gun safe and also how much the humid condition has where you are living in. A single dehumidifier can easily control the moisture inside the unit. But if you have a large rifle safe, then I would suggest you use a hygrometer to measure the humidity level inside the unit.

Measure it when your safe is empty, and if you are going to put multiple firearms, then I would suggest you go for 2 or more dehumidifiers. But in most cases, one dehumidifier easily controls the level of humidity.


Whether dehumidifier you use, it will only work efficiently when stored firearms are spread out properly. If there is so much humidity inside the safety box, I suggest you go with the electric rod model, which will control the moisture level.