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Stack-On GCB-8RTA Gun Cabinet Review

Storing firearms in a secure place should be your duty as a responsible gun owner to avoid any unwanted incidents. There are lots of gun safe available in the market today and each and every unit has different safety features. Gun safes range from $50 to $2000 price tag for basic to premium safety features.

But if you are looking for a budget-friendly unit that can store your weapons to keep reach out of children or intruders then check out the stack-on gcb-8rta review gun cabinet. This unit can store 8 medium-size weapons easily with extra accessories like money, handguns, ammo, jewelry, etc.

Detailed Stack-on GCB-8rta

stack-on gcb-8rta The rifle cabinet is equipped with a removable shelf that can store all your other valuable items. Inside the unit, there is a soft padded foam that protects the stored firearms from any scratch. GCB-8 comes with molded barrel rest which supports your rifle in standoff position allows you to store scope long guns.

In terms of security, this cabinet is made up of solid steel with a 3 point locking system. The steel cabinet frame is located at the top and bottom behind the door of the cabinet. Stack-On GCB 8 has a large steel locking plate that is also situated near the section of the door giving three layers of security.

There are pre-drilled holes at the back and bottom of the unit which allows you to mount the safety box on the wall or floor for extended security. The gun safe weight is not that heavy so intruders can easily carry it without doing anything if the safe is not mounted on the floor. It is certified by the California Department Of Justice which meets firearms safety.

Remember this, not a premium gun safe. It is only a gun cabinet that will do its job to keep the firearms away from children or from any unauthorized access. If you are looking for a better option and value for money then check out Sentry Safe with a better price point in terms of safety features.

You can operate this unit with only a manual locking system with 2 keys. And also there is no handle to open the unit or close the unit. You simply have to pull the unit with the help of a key.

Dimension W x D x H
Interior Dimension 10 x 16 x 52
Exterior Dimension 11 x 17 x 53
Weight 51.4 Pounds
Locking System Manual Locking Key


  • Best For Keeping Your Firearms Away From Kids
  • Budget-Friendly Gun Cabinet
  • Stores 8 Rifles
  • 3 Bit Locking System With 3 Layer Security
  • Removable Shelf For Storing Other Important Items


  • Just A Basic Security Cabinet
  • No Handle For Closing Or Opening Of Unit
  • No Interior Light

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