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How To Secure Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor

How to secure safe without bolting it to the floor? Many times, this question is asked by gun owners who are living in an apartment and don’t have permission to bolt down the gun safe to secure from carried away due to lightweight.

how to secure safe without bolting it to the floor

Bolting the unit on the floor is the most secure process to protect your valuables from getting carried away by intruders. But sometimes we weren’t able to bolt the gun cabinet on the floor due to some reasons. These reasons are you might be living in a rented apartment, your gun safe is fireproof, or sometimes your neighbors didn’t allow you to do that job.

If you live in a rented apartment, the landlord will not allow you to damage their property. The question arises then how to secure a safe without bolting it to the floor? The below-given method will surely secure your gun unit from carrying away by intruders.

How To Secure Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor?

We will not bore you with many explanations like why it is important to bolt the gun safely on the floor. We know you are an experienced gun owner, and you obviously know the importance of bolting the unit on the floor. So we will discuss only the best alternates to secure your unit.

Adding Weight 

The first and simplest method is adding weight to the unit. Buy some heavy objects around 50 pounds or above and place them inside the gun safe. If you are purchasing some weighing object, make sure it can easily fit inside the unit. 

Take out your guns and other valuable items. Now put the weighing object below the gun safe, making it heavy to move. This way, it will not be possible for the intruders to lift it and carry it easily.

  1. Pick the desired location where you can hide your gun safe from intruders and your guests. Place the unit where you can easily reach in times of emergency.
  2. Now add heavyweight items like sandbags or metal bars weighing above 50 pounds. After that, put all your valuable items like rifles, gears, handguns, etc., one by one and shut the door.

Drilling The Gun Safe On a Steel slab

This method is best if you want to make your rifle unit heavyweight seriously. It will make it burglars impossible to carry it from outside your house or apartment. You have to put a steel slab at the bottom of the unit, drill the holes from inside the safety box, and screw them with your steel slab, making the safety box impossible to move.

  1. Go with a steel slab that is larger than your door frame or where you have placed your unit. Now the slab’s size should be ¼ inch thick Steel piece that will make the safe heavier to move. Even if the thief somehow picks up the unit, they will not pass the door frame due to the large size of the steel slab.
  2. You will also need a cordless drill machine and the correct screw size.
  3. Place the steel slab on the floor where you want to put your rifle safe. Now Put the safe on it and search for holes at the bottom. 
  4. Be careful while drilling the hole. Because if you have made a minor mistake while drilling, then you have to do it all again, or your steel slab will be of no use.
  5.  After successfully creating the hole, proceed on bolting the safe to the slab.

Using Glue

You can also use glue to secure the gun safe by using high polymer glues. The glue can be easily available in the market, and also, you don’t require any bolting the unit on the floor. But this method will not damage the floor, but you have to be careful before applying this method.

Useful Tips For Securing Gun Safe

If you are the owner of a small gun safe, then putting weight inside the unit might not work for you due to handgun safes’ size. But you can use glue, or you can mount it inside the closet or on a fixed object. If you don’t want to use any method given above, then you can also hide the safe under the bed.


If you still didn’t get what you are looking for, I would suggest you look at this video, which will help you secure a safe without bolting it to the floor. Always think of advantages and disadvantages while securing the unit on an above-given method.