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How To Open A Sentinel Gun Safe Without A Key

how to open a safe without a key

Storing firearms inside the gun safe is recommended to protect them from any unknown person. We all know gun safes come with different locking systems like a combination lock, manual locking system, digital keypad lock, etc. These days many gun safe owners forgot the combination lock or misplaced the key to open the unit. If you are one of those and looking for how to open a sentinel gun safe without a key, then the below steps might help you out.

How to Open a Sentinel Gun Safe without a Key

combination lock sentinel

Before we begin, let us clarify, using the below method may destroy your sentinel gun’s safe or any of its parts when trying to open it successfully.

  • Contact Your Locksmith
  • Call the sentinel safe manufacture (Recommended)
  • Unlock the safe with the help of a hammer
  • Opening the Safe Using Nail Cutter Filer
  • Using Drill Machine
  • With the help of a knife

Let’s go into detail with every alternative available to open sentinel gun safes in the best possible way.

Contact Your Locksmith

First and foremost taking your sentinel unit to your local locksmith. Always go with the certified locksmith that gives you peace of mind that your unit is with a safe hand. You have to give them some proof (purchase slip) that you are an owner of the gun safe you brought to her.

The only disadvantage you might face is carrying the unit from your house to the locksmith place. It can be hard to move the safe if it’s fully loaded with rifles and other gears because you might need an extra hand to carry the unit to the locksmith place.

So, it’s better to empty the unit before taking it to a locksmith.

Contacting The Sentinel Customer Care (Recommended)

The most recommended method when you are looking to open any gun safe when you lost the key by simply calling customer care. Call customer support and tell them you lost the key and you need a new one. Either they will charge you at the minimum price, or they will provide the key for free.

But before calling the support, you have to ready proof of purchase, serial number, and model number to confirm your ownership. The sentinel support will send the backup key in 10-11 working days.

Using Hammer

sledge hammer

This method is the easiest one, but it might damage your safe, or you may require to repair the safety box after the opening. You will need a chisel and hammer to open the safe.

  • Take a chisel, put it inside the corner of the sentinel safe and smack gently with the hammer on the chisel.
  • Repeat the method for 2 minutes until you remove the key part.
  • After removing the keypad part, you will see the screw and knob. 
  • Remove the knob, and you will see a silver knob using a hammer and chisel.
  • Put your index finger inside the hole and unlock it. 

Opening the Safe Using Nail Cutter Filer

You might be wondering how we can open a sentinel safe with the help of a nail cutter filer? Yes, you can easily open the unit with the help of a nail cutter filer. Insert the nail cutter filler tip inside the safety box’s hole and snicker it up and down, or rotate it clockwise until the pin realized the lock.

Using Drill Machine

This method we don’t recommend to anyone because after using this method, your sentinel gun safe will be of no use. So before using this method, we like to request you to check your room once again for the key under your bed, which might be in the kid’s room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. 

Now take a drill machine and make a hole near the lock where you can easily access it. After making a hole, put your small finger inside and press the button to unlock the rifle safe. This method should be your last option after trying all the methods we have discussed in this article.

Remember, the material used by sentinel manufacture is hard to break, so it might be hard for you to drill the hole inside the unit.

With the help of a Knife (Easiest Method)

This is the easiest method for opening any gun safe (including a sentinel unit). A knife or screwdriver is easily available in your house, and thieves mainly apply these methods. You will need a sharp thin pointed knife to do the job. 

  1. Insert the pointed knife inside the keyhole.
  2. After inserting the knife properly, push the knife up or down or rotate in an anticlockwise direction.
  3. If you have done it properly, then the safety box will open in few seconds.
  4. This method is an alternate of nail filler but works best for sentry safe.

Many times this method works like a charm but also some times, this method does not work. Using this method might break your lock, and you might end up not unlocking the safe box.

Final Words

All the above methods we have explained works very well. But according to our research, calling manufacture or opening with the help of a knife is the best option. But still, if you have tried all the options and still cannot open the safe, then calling a locksmith will be a good option instead of drilling the unit.