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How To Move A Gun Safe

how to move a gun safe

Moving a gun safe from one place to another cannot be as easy as you think if you are moving it all by yourself. Moving a bulky unit needs more helping hands when moving inside your house from one room to another, on a different floor, or inside the basement. Moving a gun safely requires a professional mover if you don’t know how to move a gun safe without injuring yourself.

Moving a Gun Safe the Right Way

Whenever moving a heavy object requires a professional person from one place to another, reducing the injury and damage. But if you have decided that you will move the gun safe by yourself, we have listed down a step-by-step guide that will make your job easy.

Empty Your Rifle Safe

Before moving the unit remove all the content stored inside the gun safe like money, jewelry, guns, ammo, etc. Removing the guns and other important content will lower the weight of the safe and reduce the damage of stored items while moving the unit.

Protecting The Safe

When you empty the unit, now it’s time to protect the unit by wrapping the rifle safe with cardboard, moving pads, and wrap it tightly. Packing the safe will protect the unit from scratches, dents and protecting the lock of the unit.

Lock The Doors

Ensure the doors of the unit are closed and locked to avoid any accidental opening that can cause injury or some serious damage if the door open while moving the gun safe.

Right Equipment

Moving heavy gun safe requires the heavy-duty unit to protect your body at any cost. You will need a dolly, work gloves, moving straps, etc.

Remove Any Obstacles In The Way 

Whenever you are moving a heavy unit from one place to another, always remove any objects that make a moving object more difficult. Do proper planning to remove any furniture, carpet, table, etc. Measure everything from start to finish to avoid any obstacles.

Use Straps

Securing the gun safe while transporting from one place to another requires straps from rolling on or off the dolly while you are transporting from one room to another or on the truck.

Gathering Helping Hands

If you are moving a heavy object and don’t want to hire professional movers, call your 2-3 friends who have past moving objects. While moving the unit, make sure your friends wear gloves to avoid any sharp cuts. Cover your floor with hard cardboard, old rugs, old blankets to avoid any damage to the floor.

Moving Upstairs & Downstairs

Moving Upstairs & Downstairs

The best way to move the gun safe is by climbing dollies that will simplify your task much easier. If you are taking help from your neighbors or friends, make sure they lift the dolly at the same time to maintain the proper balance. Moving the unit downstairs requires the same equipment while carrying the gun safe upstairs.  

  • Measure the size of the gun safe and make sure the stairs can handle the weight of the gun safe, the weight of the heavy dolly, and the weight of your 2-3 helping friends or neighbors, etc.
  • Arrange all the equipment, and you have enough time to transport the unit comfortably.
  • Protect your hand from durable work gloves to avoid any injury to your finger.

Load On Truck

If you are planning to load your home vault on the truck, make sure the truck is large enough to fit the safety box. Make sure the truck has a motorized loading ramp to make your task easier. If the truck does not have a motorized ramp, then you have to arrange a standard ramp to load the safe inside the truck.

When you have a standard ramp, you pull the safe upside, while your 2 friends will push the safe and guide the safe upwards, making the balance till the safe reaches inside the truck. Once the vault reaches inside the truck make sure you tighten it with straps to remain as it is and doesn’t fall while in transit.

[Conclusion On How To Move A Gun Safe]

When moving a safe, make sure you follow all the guidelines which we have listed above. Safety of you and helping hands should be a priority, and eliminating any damage to your floor, wall, and gun safety. Still, if you are unsure how to move a gun safe, I would recommend hiring a professional mover that will do the job smoothly.

But still, you want to do it by yourself, and then you can follow the steps we have written above. It will help to move 2000 pounds safe, eliminating any damages.