How To Move A Gun Safe With Golf Balls

No one can imagine that using golf balls is the cheapest solution to move a gun safe? Many people who own a gun safe have used golf balls, and according to them, it works. You may find them recommending golf balls on various online forums where hardly anyone disagrees. That’s why we will explain in detail how it works and how to move a gun safe with golf balls.

How to move a gun safe with golf balls

Before you implement these methods for moving a gun safe with golf balls, you should be aware that most experts and professionals in this field don’t even recommend it. The most probable reason is that this practice may damage the floors and walls. Therefore make a conscious decision regarding the method you adopt for moving the gun safe with golf balls.

However, we have summarized a few tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to safely move a gun with golf balls. These methods are tried and tested by people who have successfully moved their gun safe.

How To Move A Gun Safe With Golf Balls (Planning)

Planning is essential for any task’s success, and moving the gun safe is mandatory. Plan the route that you will take to make sure it is free from bumps and inclinations. Such hurdles can tip your gun safe and create more hassle for you. During the task, you will be moving with the golf balls rolling around, and therefore you cannot afford any hazards.

As a gun safe is a heavy object, you must arrange for help and don’t even think about handling this task alone. Taking help from other people will not only make the job easier for you, but it will also make it safer. As you are moving with rolling golf balls, therefore, you must take every step with great caution.

Prepare before Moving

When moving the gun safe from its place, some preparation beforehand will make the task very smooth for you. Here is what you should make sure of before you move the gun safe.

  • Take out all the contents from the gun safe. It is much easier to handle an empty gun safe than a gun safe stuffed with guns and their accessories. Reducing the weight as much as possible also reduces the chances of damage from this transportation.
  • Place all the contents that you took out from the gun safe in a secure place. Do not let any of the things lying around and creating obstacles in your route.
  •  Shut the door of your gun safe and secure its lock correctly. If the door opens while you are transporting the gun safe safely, it may cause many hassles for you. It may cause accidents and injuries or damage the property. Therefore it is essential to make sure the door is locked correctly before moving the gun safe.
  • Wrap the gun safe in furniture blankets thick enough and secure it with some packing tapes or stretch wrap. Now you have a lesser chance of damage to your walls, floor, and furniture in case of accidental hits.

Make an Exit Plan

A properly planned exit strategy will reduce the risks involved in moving the gun safe. Don’t rush into the process to prevent accidents. Before starting the actual operation of moving the gun safe with golf balls, make sure to;

  • Measure your doorways and tight spots that you may encounter in your journey. Now take the measurements of the gun safe dimensions. Analyze the ease of passage, including the number of people and equipment involved in the process. Is it even practically possible?
  • Ensure that the path chosen for moving your gun safe is free from obstacles and barriers that may hinder golf balls’ smooth movement. If ignored, this small negligence can cause significant damage.
  • To safely accomplishing the task, map the whole route again. If you have any confusion, you can take help from anyone who has experience doing this task. This step can save you from a lot of trouble.
  • Share the plan and map route with the people involved in the process. Everyone who is helping you out should have a clear picture in their mind.
  • Communicate and discuss if you have concerns with the people involved in transporting the gun safe with you.

Protect your Floor and Walls

Moving a heavy gun safe without any precautions is likely to damage your floor and walls. There is a high possibility of this damage when you are moving the gun safe with golf balls. While carrying, the gun safe transfers its weight to the golf balls, and when they roll around, they can damage the floor.

Using furniture blankets isn’t always enough. Cover the walls if there are narrow spaces, and you fear that the gun safe may touch the walls. Remove the furniture pieces lying around your route temporarily to prevent them from damage and ensure a smoother movement.

Wooden floors are not sturdy enough to bear so much weight and are liable to damage. Consider placing some protection on the floor to minimize the chance of damage from tipping.

Move with Caution

The whole process of moving the gun safes requires vigilance and efficiency. As the golf balls are continually moving, they can put you in an undesirable situation in few moments of negligence. It will help if you use a hula hoop as a border that secures golf balls at their place.

As the golf balls aren’t a maneuverable object, you need to exercise greater caution while moving the gun safe around the corners to prevent tipping.

Stairs are even more Challenging:

If you have stairs in the way, the task of moving the gun safe with golf balls may become even more challenging. In this situation, we suggest you reconsider using the golf balls as potential accidents are very high when using them on the stairs.

You can use the proper methods for moving the gun safe using golf balls for this purpose. Hiring professional gun-safe movers is not a bad idea either. They have all the necessary skills and equipment that are required to move the gun safe efficiently.


Most people prefer moving gun safe with golf balls as it is a very cheap and relatively effective method of transporting a gun safe from one point to another in your home. However, there are certain risks involved in the process. That is why most professionals are not in favor of this method.

If you carry out the process with all necessary precautions, you can move your gun unit without requiring professional help.