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How To Install Lights In A Gun Safe


Many gun safes come with a pre-built led light system that makes it easy for gun owners to access their firearms in low-light conditions. But some unit does not have an inbuilt light system even though they cost very high. To overcome this situation, the safe owner should know how to install lights in a gun safe to access dark conditions.

Installing the unit’s lights also helps protect the firearms from any moisture build-up if there is any humidity build-up inside the safety box.

How many lights you should install in a gun safe

It totally depends on how large your gun safe is; the more depth and shelves your unit has, the more lights you will require to light up the gun safe. If your safe is smaller in size, you can go with an LED sensor motion light battery operated. These lights will automatically light up as soon as you open the door, or you can wave your hand near the sensor to light up the LED.

Battery LED Light For Gun Safe

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But if you are the owner of a medium to a large gun safe, then I would suggest you go with either multiple LED lights placed inside the shelf, near the guns, at the bottom of the safe, or in the corner. The battery-operated lights are recommended mainly for those safe, which does not have any pre-drilled hole like a fireproof gun unit.

But if your rifle safe has a pre-drilled hole, then going with an LED sensor light kit (strip light) will be the best option for you. These light run with the help of an electric power source and require proper placement inside the unit.

gun safe led light

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How Much Bright Safe Should Be

It depends on how much bigger your safe is. If it’s small, then 200-300 lumen bright capacity light will do its work. But if you want to measure how much light is required to brighten the unit, I recommend putting a CFL light or 25w LED bulb with 1500 lumens of brightness.

If there are shelves and the rifle unit is bigger, and you don’t want any blockage of light rays, I recommend you go with an LED light strip that will provide a clear view.

Battery Operated Power Source

If you use battery-operated lights, go with a CFL light or battery-operated LED bulb. Both the lights are a greater option when you place them inside the gun safe with some advantages and disadvantages.

The CFL lights have the advantage of consuming less energy, and they are brighter compared to LED light. But they consume lots of space, and if you are to install them in a small gun safe, they might occupy half the unit’s space. If you are not careful enough while placing them inside the unit, they might break due to their size.

Whereas LED light is more economical and lighter in weight. These are also operated with the help of a battery but occupy less space. Their life is much longer and can be installed in any corner of the safe. The one disadvantage is that if any of the LED light stops functioning, the whole strip will stop working.

Power Source

When it came to electric power source both the AC & DC works excellent to light up the gun safe lights. AC power is used to supply internal power inside your home/gun safe. If your gun safe is fireproof or waterproof, I would not recommend drilling the unit as it will no longer be fire and water-resistant. And you might void your product warranty.

If you have planned to use the LED lights using a battery, then DC type battery light will light up your gun safely.

How To Mount Light Inside The Unit

There are many methods to mount the light inside the safe. But we will discuss the three most popular ones. To mount the lights, you will need electrical wiring, which is well organised. You can consider adhesive, screw, and magnets when planning to mount the electrical LED light inside the safe.

You can use a magnet to mount the lights. As they are convenient can be placed inside the unit easily. As they are weak and hold less grip, they might shift when you move your firearms from one place to another. Adhesive provides more glue and holds the light more firmly when it is mounted with adhesive help. 

Remove the adhesive from their back and place it. The best part is whenever you have decided to remove the lights, peel them off when needed. These days adhesive is strong and hold it for a longer period. Lastly, if you can’t decide, then the screw is the best and durable option. The screw will make sure your lights will remain inside the gun safe in any situation. 

How To Install Lights In A Gun Safe

You should check whether your safe already has drilled hole inside or you need to drill. If it’s not drilled inside, then you have to pass the wire from inside.

Things You Will Need

  1. Motion Sensor Plug
  2. Power Supply
  3. 3m adhesive to stick the wire
  4. Light Strip 

Step By Step

  • Drill 1 inch hole inside the safety box
  • Place holder through the hole
  • Now place the LED light panel and fix the wiring with adhesive glue
  • Remember, place the motion sensor at that place where the movement is done mostly.

When you finish everything, the motion sensor will automatically turn on the light as soon as you open the gun’s door safe. If there is any activity near the sensor, the light will remain on. But it will turn off as soon as you close the door.

Final Words

To remove the darkness inside the unit, you should know how to install lights in a gun safe. Make sure you do proper research of your safety box before ordering the lights for your safes. The bigger and deeper the safe you have, the more lighting power you will need.