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How to Build a Gun safe Room

How to Build a Gun safe Room

If you are looking to build a gun-safe room to secure your guns, currency, jewelry, money, etc., you have to secure that room as securely as possible. These vault rooms are used not only to store firearms but are also useful to secure people from any hijacking, natural disasters, robbery, etc. If you are planning how to build a gun safe room, you are right place.

This room doesn’t have any window or another exit, and only you will find a strong door with a one-way exit. So, there is no better place to store a safe vault for your firearm that is full proof secure and has so much room to store hundreds of firearms without any space problem. 

How To Build A Gun Safe Room

To build a secure gun-safe room, you have to do proper planning about where you gonna build the room in your house.

Ventilation Inside The Room

Whenever you decided to build the vault for your firearms, make sure it has proper ventilation to avoid any moisture build-up inside. We all know moisture is the enemy of firearms that starts building corrosion.

To avoid this corrosion, we need to install a dehumidifier inside the safe room. But it’s nearly impossible to place a dehumidifier inside the bigger where you store hundreds of firearms. To install proper ventilation inside the room and make sure it’s highly secured for anyone.

Locks For Your Gun Safe Room

Now talking about the room, you will need a secure locking system that thieves cannot easily break. There are many locks available for the door, and these are a Biometric scanner, digital keypad, mechanical locks, manual key lock, etc.

Now it’s up to you from which one you are more comfortable with. According to our perspective, biometrics with a mechanical lock tends to be safer than any other locking system.

Door For Your Vault

When selecting the door, make sure the door is highly secured and made up of high-grade steel that can resist any forced entry from any means. The door might be heavy in size, so it will take time to close, which can be a factor if you are in a hurry to close it as soon as possible. To avoid this problem, you can tell your professional to install the support motor to close the door quickly. 

We suggest you go with a vault door that is hard to break and unauthorized entry. It’s always a great option to go with a pre-build vault door and get it installed by a professional person in the door frame to save your time.

When you have a pre-made vault, they already have a lock that might be a combination or electric lock that adds extra security against any attack.

SnapSafe Vault Room Door

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This vault door is best for making a gun-safe room into the most secured room as a bunker. This door is made up of 12 gauge solid steel with nine live locking bolts, each size of 1-inch. To install the door, you will need the help of a professional person.

The door has an electric keypad locking system that stores different codes. It has a steel, 3 spoke handle that helps to open the door. This vault has a weight of 330lbs and an opening of 32″ with a Door height of 81. To run the locking system, you will need a battery that is not provided by the manufacture.

Building Gun Safe Room

Step 1 

Before building a room for your firearms, make a proper plan and mark the right place for your room. Mark the area, plan for budget, accessories required, and how many firearms you will store, so finalize each and everything.

Step 2

how to build gun safe room

Its time to utilize the use of walls by giving a proper wall layout. Build proper racks on multiple walls to mount all your weapons in any position according to what is best for you. Take proper measurement of the walls and your firearms then only you will get the perfect fitting.

Step 3

gun racks for gun safe room

Now you can hire a professional and built the gun racks according to your plan that will take a lot of time. Also, you can save your time by ordering ready-made racks and pre-built kits to store your guns on them. Remember, if you hire a professional person to build the new room for the gun vault, you expose your plan to a professional person.

Step 4

Finally, install the vault door and start putting all your firearms, gear, important items, etc., inside the room. Also, you can put your gun safe to store more weapons in one place. 

Final Words

Building a gun-safe room not only protects your firearms and other documents but also saves your family when there is an invasion from any crook. The most important part of any vault room is its door. If the door is built with solid steel, it will be harder for anyone to get inside by any forced entry or break-ins.