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How Often Should You Clean Your Gun

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun

Let me ask you a question whenever you use your firearm “how often should you clean your gun?” after putting it back to its original location in a gun safe. This question has been asked many times by gun owners to their friends, family members who also own some type of firearms.

Every firearm requires cleaning from time to time whether a single fire is shot or even if it’s not been used for months. There has been a long debate that some firearms do not require any type of cleaning even after repetitive use.

So some professional gun owner says that it depends on what type of ammunition, firearm, and element has been exposed. So don’t believe those who don’t care about their firearms due to their laziness.

Some people clean their guns very little and store them back in a gun safe. And a person like me will never put the gun in a safe without cleaning it completely, so it depends on how people care about their firearms. Because if you care less about your guns then in the coming years you will ruin your firearms for sure.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

How Often Should We Clean Our Gun
How Often Should You Clean Your Gun

There are many reasons to clean your gun whenever you are firing a single bullet or even you don’t use it often. So whenever you are cleaning your rifles or gun then you are cleaning the dirt of the firearm which has been stored inside the gun barrel. So everything depends on the type of ammo you are using.

Below we have discussed some points which will help you to understand how often you clean your gun. You will also know which technique or tool you should use to clean your firearm barrel.

Type of Guns

If you own a handgun then it should be clean on a daily basis if you use it daily for shooting purposes. Some Handguns are used for defensive purposes and they are rarely fired in the field. Like all firearm handguns should be cleaned thoroughly after some shooting practice.

Regular cleaning and maintenance should be done twice a week even if you don’t carry them with you regularly. And also if you are using bolt action fire gun frequent cleaning is not required.

Usage Level

If you use your gun heavily or extensive usage then you should clean it frequently to increase the lifespan of your firearm. Also, it will increase the performance of your gun, and also it will look like new.

During the hunting period, rifles get in contact with mud or some dust. And it jams the moving of bullets from your rifle. So it can pose a great threat to you. You should clean it immediately to avoid such incidents.

Types of ammunition

What type of ammunition you use in your gun also plays an important role in how often you should clean your gun. If ammunition made up of stainless steel it will reduce damage and frequent cleaning of the gun.

Always clean your gun with a cleaning solvent which will remove any dirt, oil, or any carbon buildup in your handguns.

What happens if I don’t clean my weapons?

Sometimes due to laziness, we don’t clean our gun and because of that carbon starts building up in your gun barrel which will affect the weapon to work properly.

Every tool requires cleaning. And when it comes to cleaning guns then you should clean them according to your usage. If you own a firearm for personal use or if you use it in competition shooting then I would recommend you to clean it after every competition. Not cleaning of the gun may result in poor shooting and targeting.

Remember almost every firearm is made up of metal and in affecting the gun life moisture plays a big role. Not cleaning the gun makes moisture settle inside the gun barrel making your firearm begin to rust or corrode. Which no firearm owner does not want at any cost.

There are some points we have discussed below like what will happen if we don’t clean our guns.

  • A carbon will collect in the gun barrel by burning of the powder.
  • Copper will make it worst due to the residues from the bullet coat are left on the barrel.

I have purchased a gun for self-defense?

There might be one question that might be circulating in your mind that I have purchased the gun for home or home defense then also should I clean it or not?

 The answer is yes definitely you should clean it in time to time manner so that it functions properly at the time of emergency. Let me give you an example. 

Whenever we purchase a car and park in the garage still clean and do maintenance from time to time? The same condition goes for your firearms. No matter wherever you store it some dust particle will definitely collects inside your rifle. 

Regular cleaning of the gun keeps your gun in good condition and will always look like new.


Clean your firearm often whenever you shot a single bullet from your gun. As cleaning is a very easy process and it will take time in starting but then it will become very easy for you. And still, you weren’t able to clean it frequently then I should recommend you clean after every 200 shots.