Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe 2021

Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

As a responsible gun owner, I am pretty sure your firearms are store in a secure gun safe. Also, to secure the firearms, we need secure storage or safe to keep the firearms away from strangers. Many gun owners keep and store their guns at an unsecured place due to less space or budget.

Due to some reason, if you are looking for the best way to store guns without a safe, we have written a detailed guide below.

Buying a gun safe is always the best idea as all your firearms are stored in a secure place and lets you organize all your other important items in a secure place. 

What Is The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

The best place to hide or store your guns where they can be hidden from strangers. First of all, look around your house and after finalizing the place, hide something there and tell someone to find that item. This can be anything like (watch, money, jewelry) if that person finds that easily then the place you have selected will be easy for intruders to find your hidden guns.

And if the person wasn’t able to find it, you can hide your gun over there. Make sure you do this test with 4-5 people, then only go with the conclusion. (The above method is our own experience of hiding the firearms, so please do it with great responsibility)

Inside The Drawer

can i keep my gun inside the drawer?

If you are the owner of small handguns, storing them inside the drawer is the best option. Lock the drawer and hide the key where only you or trustable member knows the key. Remember, whenever you are storing your gun inside the drawer, make sure you are all alone no one is around you while storing it. Also, you can quickly access the gun in times of emergency.

But if you are an owner of a rifle, it will be a problem to store long rifles inside the drawer. Then you can go for a gun cabinet which is not very expensive, but it can easily hide and protect your rifle from intruders.

Gun Cabinet

gun cabinet for small house

You can store rifles and handguns easily in a gun cabinet without investing a heavy amount in securing rifles. This cabinet costs you below the $200 mark price and occupies less space in the house. The gun cabinet comes in two models, and these are in glass and general/wooden cabinets.

Gun Case

best gun case for condos

Gun cases are secured and the cheapest solution to store handguns or pistols. Also, because of the lightweight, you can also carry them where ever you go. These cases take occupy little space and best for storing a single handgun with extra ammo inside. You can also hide a gun case under the bed or inside the closet.

Locker Box

what is the best place to hide gun safe

Everyone has a lockbox in our house to store jewelry, money, or other important items to keep it safe. You can also secure your small firearms like a pistol and handgun securely inside the safety box. Remember, you cant rely 100% on the locker box for the safety of your stored firearms. But they are a good option if you are looking to hide your firearms from children.


Is It Necessary To Have Gun Safe?

It’s always a great idea to store all your firearms in a safe and secure place no matter that safe cost you 50$. Remember, a 50$ unit will also give you peace of mind even if the case is so cheap. Still, a 50$ safety box will keep away unauthorized people away from pistols.

I am Living In a Small Apartment/House; how Can I Hide My Rifles?

best way to store guns without gun safe

If you live in a small apartment or house and don’t have extra space to hide your long guns, I would recommend you hide under the bed or purchase a master gun lock or keyed trigger lock. These keyed trigger locks will keep away little fingers from triggers except yours.

Final Thoughts

So these are the points about what is the best way to store guns without a safe. I would add here if you have invested $$$$ on firearms, then spending a few more dollars on gun safes will surely give you a relaxing mind. And if you are short of space and owner of big guns, then go for a hard rifle case that will surely secure your rifles.