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Best Long Gun Safe For The Money 2021

long gun unit

When it comes to buying a gun safe at a budget-friendly price, many units are available today with different price tags. Protective Gun safes come in many price ranges starting from $50 to $3000 having fewer features with high-end features as price goes upward. But still, you can get a great number of features at a budget-friendly price.

We have come with the best long gun safe for the money that is budget-friendly, high rating security feature, and has lots of space to store your weapons.

Product Brand Latest Price
Hornady Rapid Safe Ready VaultCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Barska Quick AccessCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Stack-On Rifle Storage LockerCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Stack Total DefenseCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Steelwater Heavy DutyCheck Latest Price On Amazon
V-line Quick AccessCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Rifle Safe Quick AccessCheck Latest Price On Amazon
American Furniture ClassicsCheck Latest Price On Amazon

Best Long Gun Safe For The Money

If you are the owner of long guns or rifles, then you should invest in gun safes that can store your firearms easily with extra valuable items. Some people use to buy more firearms after some period of time. So investing in a single-hold gun safe can lead you to purchase more gun units if you decided to add more weapons to your inventory.

1). Hornady Quick Rifle Unit

Best rifle long gun safe for the money

If you are looking to store 5-6 rifles and an advanced RFID technology feature from which you can instantly open the unit, check out Hornady gun safe. This unit comes with a padded neoprene floor mat that puts the gun in an upright position to prevent falling while opening or closing the door.

In terms of security, the unit comprises a heavy-duty housing steel body and has five hardened locking lugs system, which gives the gun owner peace of mind to protect valuables. There are pre-drilled holes that help to mount the unit on the floor or wall for better security.

This unit can also access through digital keypad access and comes with a mechanical key that helps the owner if the battery drains out. You have to access the unit in critical condition. Hornady is known for its best quality material which has an excellent build quality to protect stored weapons inside the unit.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 23.0 x 19.0 x 51.8
External Dimensions 19.0 x 15.1 x 52.2
Weight  170 Pounds
Fire Rating Not fireproof
Lock Tags, Digital Keypad, Backup Mechanical Key


  • Dependable and fast touch free entry
  • Comes with backup key
  • Can hold 6 long guns easily
  • Padded floor mat


  • No shelves are provided

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2). Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

barska long gun safeBarska has come up with a unit that can be quickly accessed in less than 2.5 seconds, and also, it has the capacity to store 3-4 rifles with extra ammo, gears, handguns, etc. If this is what you are planning for your weapons, then have a look at the Barska Rifle unit.

This unit has a biometric system that helps to unlocked the unit in less than 2.5 seconds, allowing you to access your firearms quickly. The unit allows storing 120 unique fingerprints that allow you to scan all your fingers in case you are in hurry and you need to access it with any of your fingers.

It has a 14 gauge solid steel metal thickness that gives maximum security against any break-ins in terms of security. The unit’s inner edges are tamper-resistant that prevents any prying. The unit’s door comes with 3 steel deadbolt that creates 3-way locking system which will keep the intruder away from stored firearms.

The unit’s interior has removable shelves that cannot be adjusted but can be removed according to your need. The shelf allows you to store valuable items like handguns, money, ammo, etc.

It comes with extra battery backup, which is a good addon by the company. If the battery runs out, you have an extra battery to keep your unit operational in case of an emergency.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 19.3 x 14.88 x 56.5
External Dimensions 19.6 x 16 x 57
Weight  139 Pound
Fire Rating  Not Fireproof
Lock Biometric Finger Print Scanner


  • Solid Steel Design
  • Store upto 120 Fingerprints
  • Backup Battery
  • Department of Justice approved
  • 5 Steel Locking Bolts


  • Not fireproof
  • No led lighting

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3). Moutec Large Rifle Safe for Home

moutec gun safe for the money

If you are looking for a budget-friendly unit with lots of features and also gives a good amount of protection for your stored firearm from thieves, check out Moutec’s large rifle safe. The unit comes with deeper space which stores 5-6 long rifles up to 50″ (with/without scope attached) easily.

You will find a separate lockbox inside the unit where you can store a handgun, jewelry, money, ammo, etc., inside the manual box. The manual box has a separate locking system that can be operated only through manual keys. For instant access, you need to enter the pin, and your gun safe is opened instantly. While entering the code, there will be a beep sound that can turn off easily.

In terms of security, the safe is made up of a metal thickness of 14 gauge with 100% steel walls with tamper-resistant inner edges. The unit also has wall-to-wall protection, and the door has 3 solid steel deadbolts, which prevent any prying or force opening of the safe.

The unit will emit a warning tone when the battery is running low. If 3 times pin cod is entered wrongly, it will start emitting an alarm making the safe lockout completely. You will get 2 backup keys, a separate lockbox, and 4 AAbateries to operate the unit efficiently.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 13.4 x 12.4 x 56.5
External Dimensions 13.8 x 14 x 57
Weight  88 Pounds
Fire Rating  Not Fireproof
Lock Electric Pin Code & Manual Keys


  • Stores 5-6 Long Rifles With/Without Attachment
  • 14 Gauge Solid 100% Steel Walls
  • Separate Lock Box 
  • The Unit Has Lots Of Interior Space
  • Optional Silent Mode Feature


  • Lock Box Cannot Be Removed
  • No Extra Battery Backup

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4). Langger Gun Safe for Rifle

budget friendly unit

If quality is your top priority and you also don’t want to comprise it, check out the langger gun unit for your rifles. This unit comes with 5 rifle rest, allowing you to store the rifles with or without scopes attached easily.

The unit’s interior comes with a floor mat that protects the stored rifles from scratches or dents. There are one removable shelf and a separate lockbox, which allows you to store handguns, ammo, money, etc. If you have rifles size below 43.5″ long, you can put shelf to store more valuable items. But if you have rifles more than 43.5″, you cannot place shelves inside the safe.

In terms of the unit’s security, it comes tamper-resistant, which is crafted with solid steel. The safe door has a diameter of 1.2″ thick with a 5 steel live locking bolt that will protect the stored rifles. You can also switch off the sound if you want to access the unit silently. 

You can access the unit by an electric keypad that requires 4AA batteries (included); also, you will get an extra battery as power backup if the battery runs out and you need to access the safe in a critical situation.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 13.4 x 12.4 x 56.5
External Dimensions 14 x 13.8 x 57
Weight  90 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
Lock Electric Keypad & Manual Keys


  • Comes With 5 Long Rifle Rest
  • You Can Turn Off The Sound
  • Extra Battery Backup
  • Seprate Lockbox & Removable Shelve
  • 5 Steel Deadbolt
  • Solid Steel Construction


  • No Interior Light
  • Shelve Is Of No Use If You Have Guns Longer Than 45″

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Best Gun Safe For The Money

Below we have listed the best long gun safe for the money, which is best for storing long rifles, shotguns, long guns, etc. These safes might cost you higher, but they are loaded with all the features which make the gun safe more quality one.

1). Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun E.M.P Proof

steelwater gun safe

If you are not on a budget and want the best gun safe for the money, then steel water heavy-duty 39 is safe, which will serve best in quality, durability, and lots of features to not let you disappoint. It is made up of 9 gauge steel with four-layer of fireboard (ceiling, floor, wall, and door jams, etc.).

This safe has a huge space that no other safe can offer in this price range. It can easily store 39 rifles or long guns without any problem. It can protect all your firearms from fire for at least 60 minutes at 1875˚F. The entire body has a steel body plate which is impossible to drill the safe.

The company has improved the locking bolt with 25% longer and 8x hard plate to protect from drilling with 1 1/2″ solid steel locking bolt-on 4 sides. If there is low light inside the room where the safe is placed, unit interior led light helps access your stored firearms when you want to access it.

The led light inside the safe will light up automatically as soon as the door is open and will switch off automatically when the gate is closed.

Also, its keypad is a backlit led touchpad to access in case of low light condition. The safe also had 2 USB charging ports and high-grade power with a 3 ac power supply. 

When it comes to the interior storage of weapons, the safe comes with an adjustable shelf that can be removed according to your requirement.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 38 1/8 x 23 1/8 x 67 3/8
External Dimensions 42 x 27 5/8 x 72
Weight  892 Pounds
Fire Rating One hour @ 1875 F
Lock E.M.P proof digital keypad


  • Drill resistant
  • Fire resistant till 60 Minutes
  • Strong and secure
  • Maximum space inside
  • Hold 39 rifles


  • Bit pricy
  • Huge weight

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2). V-line Quick Access Long Gun Safe (Made In USA)

rifle gun safe

If you are looking for the best rifle gun safe which is made in the USA then V line quick access is safe which you are looking for. This unit can store one AR-15 rifle easily. If you don’t have any plan to buy more firearms or you are planning to buy a single long gun then you can go for V line safe.

This unit is not a fancy type-safe with a modern locking system like a biometric or digital keypad lock system, this safe has a manual lock system. It has a mechanical lock system that does not require any battery or key to lock or unlock this safe.

It is painted in a low gloss black finish, which will last longer for many years. So if you want to unlock the safe, you have to enter the code and turn the knob, and the safe will open. Inside, their strap has been provided to prevent the rifle from falling out when the gun locker has been opened.

A 16 gauge steel with a hinged door will protect your rifle when the door is closed and locked, so it’s inaccessible to pry the door to open.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 11 x 3 x 40.5
External Dimensions 12 x 3.5 x 42
Weight  30.9 pound
Fire Rating No Fireproof
Lock Mechanical lock


  • No batteries required to operate
  • Lightweight
  • Flanged pry-resistant lid
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-scratch finish


  • Not fireproof
  • No modern locking system
  • Average Built Quality

Check Latest Price On Amazon

3). Rifle Safe Quick Access

gun safe

If you are looking for a safe store that can store almost any type of rifle or biggest long gun, it can be the perfect choice for those looking to store long rifles in it.

The lock system has an electric keypad for fast access to open in critical condition. This unit is made up of steel with pry-resistant and pry-proof, so if some intruder enters your house or office, then it will be tough to access your long guns.

If your battery died, you don’t have to worry as the company gives two backup keys to access it immediately. The size of the safe is 57 inches tall so that it will hold long rifles easily. It has an internal lockbox that can store extra ammo, jewelry, important document, etc. The internal box has a key lock system.

The weight and internal space will surely surprise you because this can hold 4-5 rifles easily. For added security, you can bolt this safe on the floor or mount it on the wall. They have made it easier to install the safe for you by giving pre-drilled holes on the bottom and back.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 13.6 x 12.4 x  56.8
External Dimensions 14 x 13.8 x 57.2
Weight  89 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fire Proof
Lock Biometric Lock System


  • Large internal storage
  • Can hold almost all long guns
  • Has internal box
  • 1 year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Some customer say its difficult to mount
  • Single-walled sides

Check Latest Price On Amazon

4). American Furniture Classics Metal Five Gun Cabinet

best rifle gun safe for budget

Lastly, if you are looking for a safe which can hold the best long gun safe for the money with handguns then it can be is a perfect choice for a hunter with long guns. Made up of high quality and the best part it’s in budget price.

Approved by the California of Justice, this unit has a 3-way locking system that generally sees these features as expensive. It can hold 4 long guns easily, which has a height of 22″ tall, and there is a small storage box upside where you can store handguns, ammo, jewelry, or some documents.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 13 x  9 1/2 x 48
External Dimensions 14.5 x 10 x 59  
Weight  68 pounds
Fire Rating Not fireproof 
Lock Electric Lock


  • Backup key provided
  • Batteries can be changed easily
  • Has additional locker to store handgun
  • Made in USA


  • Can hold only 22″ long guns

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Best Handgun Safe For The Money

1). AmazonBasics Steel, Lock Box

Amazon Basics Gun Safe

If you are looking for a safe where you can store multiple items like passport, jewelry, handgun, ammo, cash, all with your firearms and budget-friendly, then AmazonBasic will live up to the mark. 

The safe can be accessed through the electronic keypad and 2 emergency keys used if you forgot the passcode or the battery runs out. This safe requires Four AA Batteries (not included), which indicate lock, unlock, and low battery.

Although the manufacturer has not mentioned any gauge type, it has pry-resistant, solid steel construction and 2 live bolts that will manage any force unauthorized access. It has a soft carpeted floor that offers an added layer of protection to store delicate items and safeguarded against any damage or scratch.

AmazonBasic comes with various models with adjustable shelves that you can remove or keep according to your needs. All the necessary mounting hardware is included, and two bolting options to mount the safe on the floor, shelf, or wall for an extra layer of security.

Remember:- When the safe is shipped, it will be factory locked. To access it for the first time using one of the 2 backup keys provided.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions  12.15 x 16.81 x 10.51
External Dimensions  14.57 x 16.93 x  10.63
Weight  26 pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
Lock Electric Keypad + 2 Backup Keys


  • Budget Friendly
  • You Can Store Multiple Items
  • Pry-Resistant
  • 2 Live-Door Bolts
  • Best Customer Support


  • No Battery Included
  • Not fireproof Or Waterproof

Check Latest Price On Amazon

2). Fort Knox Handgun Safe PB1

Fortknox Safe

Fort Knox is known for building the best handgun safe at less price without compromising the quality. If you don’t trust the new locking system and still trust the mechanical lock, you should consider this gun safe for your firearm.

This safe is made up of a 10 gauge steel body with a lifetime warranty. The company claims that it is impossible to break and open. And also, it is insanely difficult even to dent this safe. The lid opens from the top with the help of gas-assisted struts to lift the heavy door and keep it open for easy access.

You can fit this handgun safe inside the drawer and mount it on the shelf or floor for extra layer security. The interior comes with the foam of style protected egg which will protect the stored guns or valuables from any damage or scratch. 

If you are looking to store only a single handgun and extra ammo, then go for it. Pre-drilled holes on the bottom will make it easier for you to mount on the floor, wall, or in the drawer. 

This safe comes with a lifetime warranty and passes the DOJ-approved safe (California Department of Justice) certificate for exceptional quality.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions  11-3/4 x 9-1/2 x 3-1/2
External Dimensions 12-1/2 x  10-3/8 x  4-1/4
Weight  22 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
Lock Mechanical Lock


  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Gas-Strut Assisted
  • Fast Opening Push button
  • Made In USA
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • No Other Locking System
  • Some Complaint About Locking Mechanism

Check Latest Price On Amazon

3). RPNB Gun Security Safe 


RPNB handgun safe comes in two models one is with biometric and another one without it. If you are looking for safes with all the features and which can store your firearm easily, without blowing a hole in your budget then RPNB Safe will be the best option for you.

The biometric option will provide you access in 3 ways, and another model will provide you four-way access. You can store one handgun easily with this safe and extra ammo.

This safe comes with pre-drilled holes at the bottom, with all the necessary hardware included. You will need 4AA batteries to operate it.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 7.87 x 12.00 x 2.95
External Dimensions 10.82 x 14.37 x 3.34
Weight  13.2 pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
Lock Biometric, Digital Keypad, Manual Key



  • Plastic Fitting

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Tips On Choosing Best Rifle Gun Safe

If you are looking for the best long gun safe for the money, then you should consider some factors, which are discussed below to ensure you are the best quality product for the best price.

Heavy Unit

Long Gun Safe For The Money

Consider buying a heavy unit when you are going to invest in a gun safe. Because the unit is light in weight, then thieves can carry rifles safety box with them easily. If the unit is heavy, it will be challenging for thieves to carry, and they will find it harder to move.

Placing the Unit

Always decide on the location where you have to place your safe. If you want to place your safe in the office, it should be hidden, and also there should be a lot of space to place it.

Also, go for that safe, which comes with pre-drilled holes so that you don’t have to call the technician and pay him extra to drill the holes in the unit.


Always go for a 4 bolt locking system made up of steel and a minimum of one inch thick. When you close the door of the unit, it should be tightly sealed.

Things To Consider For Gun Safe For The Money


So before making any purchase of rifle safe, ask a question by yourself like how many rifles or long guns you gonna purchase or you already have. Also, if you own rifles, are you going to purchase them later on.

So if you are happy with only one rifle or long gun, then going with a safe which can store a single rifle will be the best bet. And it will cost you under $300. If you plan to store more rifles, then purchase a gun safe to handle more rifles and extra ammunition or other accessories.


If you are the owner of long guns, you should consider safe, which can store long guns easily. So go for a tall unit with an additional 3-4 inches extra, easily in and out the rifles.

Consider going with a gun safe that can hold more guns and hold some handguns and other important documents or ammunition.

Unit thickness

Always go for safe, which has a solid steel design. Go for 6-7 gauge steel, and if it’s the expensive side, you can opt for 10-11 gauge steel.


There are three types of locks available for the units. These are Mechanical, Biometric, Digital keypad, etc. So whatever suits your need to go with that because, in the end, you have to handle the safe.

Fire Resistant

If you live in an area where natural disaster does occur from time to time, you e would suggest you go for a fire-resistant or water-resistant safe. So if any natural disaster happens, your valuable items will be safe from these incidents.

Rifle Safe FAQ

Q1 How much Budget Or Spend On Gun Safe?

Ans1 If you are really looking for a safe to keep away from thieves or Bulgars, it may cost you around $400 – $7000 according to your need. And if you only want to keep your firearms away from children or you want to hide them, then investing around $200 – $400 will be your best choice.

Q2 Safe Size I Should Look For?

Ans2 Never trust any company blindly until you are 100% sure about the size of the unit. When you are sure, then only go for that safe. The company will tell you that it can store 5 rifles easily, but they will not tell what size these rifles were store.

So always measure the size of any rifle/long gun, then look at the safe size, then only go with that safe so that you don’t be disappointed later on in your decision.


Nowadays, the crime rate is increasing rapidly, and also, if you are a gun owner, then it’s your duty to store your firearms in a safe place away from children. So it’s essential to have a safety box stored in your home or office safe and securely. 

Finally, we might help you select the best long gun safe for the money you are looking for. We covered deep in this article, and also, if you have any questions regarding the unit, ask in the comment section. We will try our level best to answer it as soon as possible.