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Best Gun Safe Under 2000$ – Premium Safe

Whenever we are investing in the best gun safe under 2000 you always need to research it well before going to purchase a big amount on gun safe. As the responsible gun owner, it should be the first priority to own a gun safe to avoid any mishappening when your firearm reaches in the wrong hand.

As there are hundreds of gun safe available in the market today but many times gun owner gets confused in selecting right firearm safes for there rifles. Selecting the right gun safes requires lots of research and time. But we have done all the research and spent hours and selected the right firearms safe for your weapons.

Best Gun Safe Under 2000$

1). SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe

Best Gun Safe Under 2000$

If you are searching for a safe which has lots of space and feels like a premium design with all the security features then check out the snapSafe Titan Large gun safe. Comes with a lifetime warranty the safe can be accessed by electric digital lock and manual keys. 

Made up of 9 gauge solid steel walls this unit protects the firearms from solid steel locking deadbolts and spring-loaded lockers. The safe door is made up of a 3/16” solid steel door which protects from any sledgehammer or forced break-ins.

The manufacture has given proper attention towards the gun safe lock and which is UL Approved electronic lock. There are pre-drilled holes and all the mounting hardware is provided if you decided to mount the unit on the floor.

In terms of the interior of the unit snap safe titan gun safe comes with 5 interior shelves which can be removed or adjusted according to your length or storage of firearms. The interior of the unit is protected with a premium soft foam which protects the firearms from any scratches or dents.

You can store 24 long guns and a couple of handguns inside the unit without any scope attach. But if you are planning to store all your rifles with scope attachment then it will be difficult to store with a scope or other accessories attached to firearms.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension33 x 14.5 x 53.5
External Dimension38 x 17.5 x 59
Weight550 Pounds
Fireproof One Hour Fire Shield Protection @ 2300 Degree F 
LockElectric Digital Keypad & Manual Key


  • Best Safe Under 2000$ With All The Securtity Features
  • Powder Coated Finish With Lined Interior
  • Stores Long Gun With Or With Scopes Easily
  • One Hour Fire Shield Protection With Heat Activated Door
  • Comes With Multiple Removable & Adjustable Shelve


  • No Interior Light
  • Bulky
  • You Will Need Assemble The Unit To Make It Ready To Use

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2). Kodiak KB5940ECX Gun Safe by Rhino Metals

best rifle safe unit under $2000

If storing lots of guns and gear is what you are looking for then check out Kodiak Gun Safe by Rhino metals. In this rifle safe, you can store as many as 52 long guns, 8 handguns, and other accessories like your outdoor gear, important document, money, etc.

Rhino safes are made to protect your stored firearms from fire for up to 40 MINUTES AT 1400°F. In each department of this unit is equipped with fireboard protection. The heat-activated Door of the unit is made up of 7 times its size which seals the safe edges to keep all the heat and smoke out keeping all your stored guns safe and secure.

This unit has UL listed electric digital lock which gives safety and security. The unit door and body are made up of 14 gauge solid steel with a hardened steel plate and spring locker which protects the lock from any drill attack. Also, there is the anti tampered clutch handle which disengages if some tries to apply excessive force to break the clutch.

The interior of the safe is fully carpeted and has adjustable shelves which can also be removed according to your need.  This unit is approved by the California Department of justice and the factory-installed door organizer helps to organize your 8 handguns and other gears in the zipped pouches and handgun holster.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension38 x 21 x 57
External Dimension40 x 23 x 59
Weight573 lbs
FireproofFireproof For 40 Minutes
LockUL Certified Electric Keypad & Manual Keys


  • Door Organizer
  • Carpeted Interior Protects Stored Items From Scratch
  • Stores 52 Long Guns And 8 Handguns
  • 40 Minute Fireproof Protection


  • Bulky In Size
  • No Interior Light

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3). Secure It Gun Safe Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet

secureit gun cabinetIf you are looking for a gun cabinet instead of the gun safe which is lightweight in size and stores 5 guns ranging from small to long then check out Secure it Gun Cabinet. This cabinet was specially made for the needs of the U.S. Army Special Forces. So you can expect quality and sturdy construction which can be placed anywhere in the house.

The gun unit has cradle grid technology which helps you to organize all your rifles, handguns, gears, ammo, accordingly. You can store 6 long guns with attachment attach so that your rifle remains ready to grab and go. You can access the safe with an electric keypad and manual keys.

This unit is made up of 9 gauge heavy-duty steel with a louvered back panel which helps to access the firearm without moving other guns. Remember this is a gun cabinet, not a gun safe because a gun safe requires more investment in comparison to a gun cabinet. There are not many differences between gun safe & gun cabinet in terms of protection of stored firearms.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension19 3/4 x 13 x 51 3/4
External Dimension20 1/4 x 15 1/4 x 52
Weight105 Pounds
FireproofNot Fireproof
LockElectric Digital Keypad & Manual Key


  • Due To Cradle Grid Technology, You Can Access Your Firearm Easily
  • Holds 6 Rifles And Few Handguns Easily
  • Military Standard Construction
  • Perfect For Apartment, Home, Offices, etc


  • You Have To Assemble All The Parts

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4).Barska AX12752 Large Keypad Biometric Rifle Safe

Gun safe under 2000

Next, we have the Barska rifle safe which holds 11 rifles without any accessories attachment and has a 3-way unlocking system. This unit can be accessed with a biometric fingerprint scanner, electric keypad code, and manual keys, etc. The biometric fingerprint scanner stores 120 unique fingers which allows you to store your family member’s fingers also.

The inner edges of the unit are tamper-resistant with 3 built-in deadbolts. The unit is made up of solid steel construction which is enough to keep away any intruders from accessing the firearms. Also, if you don’t like the beep sound you can turn that off with the silent mode feature option. You can also mount the safe on the floor as there are pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware provided with the unit.

The interior of the unit has a protective floor mat which avoids any scratches or dent to the unit or stored items. There is a removable shelf that can be used to store other items like handguns, money, jewelry, etc. The unit will notify you about the low battery whenever you access the unit.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension12.5 x 11.5 x 52
External Dimension13 x 13 x 52.25
Weight82 lbs
FireproofNot Fireproof
LockBiometric Scanner, Electric Keypad & Manual Key


  • This Unit Store 9-10 Rifles
  • DOJ Approved
  • 100% Solid Steel Walls & Tamper Resistant Inner Edges
  • Protective Floor Mat


  • You Have To Remove The Shelf To Store 52″ Rifle
  • Not Fireproof

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5). Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault with RFID Technology

Best Rifle Safe 2000$

The Hornady rapid safe allows the gun owner to access the unit in 3 ways and these are through RFID technology, digital keypad lock, and manual keys, etc. From RFID technology you can access the stored firearms very quickly in times of emergency situation. The interior of the unit is protected with a Neoprene floor mat which prevents the gun from falling and gives them better grip while in a standing position.

You can store multiple guns and handguns inside the unit but there is still ample space available where you can store other items like a dehumidifier, ammo, led light, magnetic hook, and other gears, etc.

The unit is protected with heavy-duty steel housing walls with five hardened lugs which will protect your stored items from any intruders. There are pre-drilled holes that help to mount the unit on the floor or wall with all the mounting hardware included.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimensions19 1/4 x 13 x 51.8
External Dimensions20 x 15.1 x 52
Weight 170 lbs
Fire RatingNot Fireproof
LockRFID, Electric Lock, Manual Keys


  • Pre Drilled Holes For Mounting The Unit
  • Neoprene Floor Protects The Guns From Slipping
  • Dual Gun Rack
  • Stores Couple Of Handguns & Rifles Easily


  • No Interior Light
  • No Interior Shelves

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Features To Consider When Buying The Best Gun Safes Under $2000

There are different models available in the market and picking the premium product for your firearms can be a daunting task. So let’s discuss so of the features you should consider when you are investing in a rifle gun safe under 2000$.

1). Security Feature

Always go with that unit which has more security features like fireproof, waterproof, pry-resistant, etc. If you are living in an area that has a high number of houses on fire then look for fireproof guns safe. And if you are living in an area that is prone to flood in monsoon season then go with a waterproof feature.

2). Size & Weight

Consider going with the unit which can store more firearms and other accessories easily. In the future, if you plan to buy more firearms or any other hunting gear then it would be easier for your safe to store more firearms inside the unit. And if you run out of space then you might cancel the plan of adding the firearm to your inventory or you will purchase another safe which will cost you more.

3). Price

Price also plays an important factor when you are going for gun safe. The more money you will invest in the safe the safer and secure the rifle unit will be. Also, you can go with the safe for under $1500 which will also protect your firearms from kids and intruders.

4). Steel Gauge

different gauge
best gun safe under 2000

Steel Gauge is the most important factor when you are considering how secure the gun safe will be. The lower gauge you select for your long guns the safer it will be for your unit. Consider at least a gun safe should have 10-12 gauge or lower which will be harder for an unauthorized person to break-ins inside the unit.

5). Locking System

There is a variety of locking systems available and all with their advantages and disadvantages. Lock also important when you are selecting the gun safe. Whenever you are accessing your safe in an emergency situation and what if that locking system fails to deliver the opening of the unit.

So choose wisely and my favorite locks are biometric locks which allow you to access the unit in seconds.

  • Biometric Lock
  • Electric Keypad Lock
  • Electric Digital Lock
  • Manual Keys
  • Combination Locks

6). Locking Bolts

Finally check the locking bolt inside the door of gun unit which will decide how strong your gun safe will be. Higher quality locking bolt prevents the intruder to break into your gun safe.

FAQ About Rifle Safes

Should I Mount My Gun Safes On Floor?

It is always recommended to mount your gun safe on the floor or wall whether they are heavy in size. If any intruder fails to access the unit and has done all the hard work then always their last option will be to carry a rifle safe with them. 

Why Do I Need A Gun Safes?

If you are the owner of weapons or you didn’t own a safe but still in your house there are many things like jewelry, money, important documents, etc that need to be stored in a secure place. And when you have kids and your weapons are not stored securely then you should secure them a safer place to avoid any mishappening.

How Can I Clean Gun Safes?

Gun safes do not require cleaning often. But still, if you are living in a humid area then I would suggest you clean your safes with a dry cloth to remove any rust build-up on door bolts. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helps you out in selecting the best gun safe under $2000. If you like you can further research on this matter. Remember you should select the best gun safe for your firearms. When it comes to the security of you and your family you should never compromise.