6 Best Gun Safe Under $1000

Having an expensive gun means that you might be looking for the best gun safe under 1000 which should be safe and secure storage for your gun. And you may be surprised that there are many excellent gun case which is fireproof and also can be kept anywhere according to your convenience.

best gun safe under 1000$

We suggest you that adjust your budget till 1000$ why? Because we have seen many gun safe but almost all of them are overpriced. We`ve researched and spent many hours to find the best gun safes under 1000$ and listed them down with in-depth detail.

Now before looking at the best gun safe, below are some points and features where you should look are:

  • Lock Proof – Safes should be 100% secure, easy to lock, and easy to operate.
  • Fire Rating – We have researched all safe we have mention are fireproof and legit.
  •  Storage Capacity – You will need a safe which can store guns, ammo, and accessories, etc.

Always go for right safe after deeply researching it because returning gun safe can be very frustrating as they deliver through the freight carriers.

Now let’s check some of the best rifle safes!

ProductBrandLatest Price
Armoguard Stack OnCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Barska Large Biometric SafeCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Steelwater 16 Long Gun SafeCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Mesa Rife Gun SafeCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Verifi Smart SafeCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Mesa Fire and Burglary SafeCheck Latest Price On Amazon

6 The Best Gun Safes Under 1000:

Below we have discussed gun safes which have both pros and cons and all of them are under 1000$. So Relax, we have done all the hard work for you. We believe one of the products will be the best fit for your gun.

1). Armorguard 40 Gun Safe Safe Under $1000 With Electric Lock (By Stack-On)

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If you are looking for a lot of storage to store a massive firearm then you should consider looking at Stack-On A-40. It can easily hold almost 10 guns, lots of ammo, and also many handguns.

The best part is that you can customize the interior inside. You can adjust the shelves according to whatever storage you want. Can hold fire up to 30 minutes with 1400 degrees F and fireproof testing was done by an independent testing lab to get a 100% assurance rate.

Includes factory installed door storage. And the best part is if the light goes out or your safe storage battery goes out then you can still open the safe with the help of backup key.

Let’s discuss its dimension of the exterior, interior, weight, etc.

Internal Dimensions27.75 x 19.5 x 53 Inches
External Dimensions

29 ¼”x25 ½”x55″

Weight 451 Pounds
Fire Rating30 Minutes
LockDigital Keypad Operated


  • Removable shelves
  • Strong construction
  • Can store 10 long guns easily


  • Price is very close to $1000
  • Keypad may problem sometimes

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2). Barska Large Biometric (Fingerprint) Rifle Safe Narrow, But High Tech

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If you are looking for the latest technology gun safe then Barska can solve your needs. It can hold extra-long guns and rifles easily. Taller in size and store 4 long guns easily.

You will be impressed by its biometric lock and can be operated very easily. There are no other shelves, only you will get the top compartment where you can store other accessories like ammo, belt, etc.

Barska safe can read almost 120 fingerprints by allowing them to scan their fingerprint on the finger pad. Now you might be thinking who needs 120 fingerprint scans?

But its always a good idea to have more than one fingerprint as sometimes if something happens to your scanned finger then you can easily open it up with your other finger.

If your AA battery is run out or dead then you can open it with the help of key. Barska is DOJ certified due to its rigid steel construction, solid protective shield edges, etc.

Only one negative point about this safe is it’s not fireproof. So its build only to protect your valuables and guns from unauthorized access.

It can also easily be mounted in a thick wall, but again you should have the DIY skill to pull it back again.

Internal Dimensions13 ½”x12 ½”x56 ½”
External Dimensions13 ¾”x13 ¼”x57″
Weight104.3 Pounds
Fire RatingNo Fireproof
LockBiometric Lock


  • Can hold long rifles/guns
  • DOJ certified
  • Biometric can access you fast
  • Solid Steel Construction


  • Not fireproof
  • Can hold only 4 guns

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3) New and Improved Heavy Duty Steelwater 16 Long Gun Safe

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If you are looking for highly featured and premium best gun safe under 1000$ then steel water 16 should be your 1st priority. Made up of 14 thick gauge steel which is very heavy, taller, and also fireproof. Locking bolt is 1.5 long so if anyone wants to drill or cut through it will take many hours to do it.

Inside the safe, there are adjustable shelves where you can store different types of weapons, documents, ammo, and other accessories, etc. Can hold up to 8 long guns easily with a maximum of 16 long guns.

Sometimes we can’t predict natural disasters or fires which can happen anytime. But this safe will keep your all valuable belongings inside safe and secure. It is fireproof which can resist more than 1875 degrees F maximum for 60 min.

It comes with Led interior lighting so it’s easy to use in a dark room or when it’s emergency. E.M.P Proof Digital Keypad with a Double Bitted High-Security with Bypass Key. The keypad is polished in chrome which can be set to 3-8 digits of a passcode.

The digital locking system runs on one 9volt alkaline battery. Also if sometimes if your battery is dead or if there is any type of emergency then you can use the by-pass key which is provided inside in safe.

Internal Dimensions55 3/4″ x 19 1/2″ x 12 1/2″
External Dimensions59” x 22” x 16”
Weight330 Pounds
Fire Rating60 minutes
LockDigital keypad with bypass key


  • Fireproof (60 Min)
  • Solid construction
  • Made of 12 gauge steel construction
  • Comes with rechargeable dehumidifying box


  • Very heavy to move
  • Hard to fit 16 long guns

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4). Mesa Safe Company 7.9 Cubic Foot Rifle Gun Safe 

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best gun safe under 1000

Looking for your shotguns and rifles to store in an organized way then definitely have a look at mesa best gun safe under 1000. It can store up to 14 rifles but there should be no mount or additional equipment attached (Scoop) to it.

If you want a safe which is fireproof, secure, theft-proof, and also give a friendly environment to your ammo, guns, rifles, and documents. It comes with an additional shelf that can best store binoculars, jewelry, or valuable items.

Its 59 inches tall and 22-inch width outside including 20 inches deep with 500 pounds in weight which will be hard for you to move it. It is made up of 12 gauge steel which has pre-drilled anchor holes with all the kits included in price.

Also, it has a digital lock system that can be programmed easily to keep away from unauthorized access. It can withstand 1750 degree F which can hold 60 minutes of fire.

Internal Dimensions  19¼”W x 13″ D x 55⅜”H 
External Dimensions 22″W x 20″D x 59″H
Weight528 pounds
Fire Rating1 hour 1750 degrees
LockElectric Lock


  • Hold shelves to organize valuable
  • Fireproof with a protection level of 1750 F (1hour)
  • Made from 12 gauge steel
  • Comes lifetime warranty


  • Very heavy to move
  • Cheap keypad

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5) Verifi Smart.Safe. Biometric Gun Safe (Best Gun Safe Under $1000)

Verifi Smart.Safe

If you want a gun safe which is FBI certified and also had a biometric fingerprint safe then have a look at Verifi smart safe. If you want quick access in case of emergency then you can depend on it.

The fingerprint sensor is made up of superior TouchChip TCS1 which has been tested by the united states FBI. It can store your firearm, ammo, and other valuable items.

Sometimes in a hurry, we forget to close the door of the gun safe which can lead to disastrous consequences when there is a firearm stored there. But thanks to its alarm system where sensors in the door detect if it remains open and will alert in such an event.

But in Verifi smart safe you cannot store long guns or rifles in it, but you can insert racks to organized firearms and other valuable items. It can easily be move from one place to another.

Also, it has led light inside the safe, so when you are operating in the middle of the night in case of emergency it will illuminate your safe without causing any night blindness.

It also stores 1000 logs which can only be view by admin. So if there is any unauthorized access it will alert you about unauthorized access. The best part is it also has a battery indicator. So when the battery is running out it will tell you prior to 3 days before.

Internal Dimensions 17.1 (W) x 11.8 (D) x 7.3 (H)
External Dimensions17.4 (W) x 16.1 (D) x 7.9 (H)
Weight31 Pounds
Fire RatingNot fireproof
LockSmart lock


  • Best for storing a small firearm
  • Tested and certified by the FBI
  • Has TouchChip TCS1 silicon fingerprint sensor
  • Good for home, office, garage, etc


  • Not good for shotgun, rifle, etc
  • You have to purchase racks separately

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6). Mesa Safe Company MBF1512E Burglary and Fire Safe


So, finally, we have reached our last product review of the best gun safe under 1000$. So, if you are looking to store only the number of handguns and also which is fireproof for almost 2 hours then it can be your best option.

The Interior has a lot of space to store handguns and also you can remove or add the shelves to organize space according to your needs. You can also store many valuable items, handguns accessories, and ammunition.

The safe is operated by the battery electronic keypad where you can lock and unlock the safe. So if someone tries to enter 3 failed passcode it will automatically disable the safe for 16 minutes.

It has solid durable steel construction so if someone tries to punch or drill it can easily resist by keeping the item safe in it. But it does not have any certified certification, but still, you can rely on it.

It comes with pre-drilled anchor holes so that there can’t be any problem to make the mounting process easier.

Internal Dimensions 16 1⁄2″ X 14 1⁄4″ X 12 1⁄2″ Inches
External Dimensions 20″ X 17 1⁄4″ X 18 3⁄4
Weight139 pounds
Fire Rating 2 Hours
LockBattery Operated Electric Lock


  • Can hold fire till 2 hour
  • Comes with adjustable shelves
  • Solid Steel Construction


  • No certificate
  • Bottom is thinner

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Purpose Behind Buying a Good HandGun Safe Under 1000 Dollars

best gun safe under 1000

As we all know crime is increasing speedily which is always a scaring for us when there is a family living with us. In television, radio, or on social media news we always see or hear 3-4 crimes daily of kidnapping, killing, rape, money extortion, etc.

And our planet earth is not safe anymore as its getting worse day by day. So getting a fire weapon is becoming necessary for the people who are living with family, alone, or there some valuable items in your house.

  1. So even you are living in a remote area does not mean you are safe with your valuable items. Having the gun will not only protect your family but also it will protect your valuable items.
  2. Owning a gun is a good idea but keeping it safe from any unauthorized access is also your responsibility. Even if you think that you have to hide your gun somewhere then you might be wrong. It can easily be accessed by your family members. Or what if your kid gets it and it will be significant damage which you cant imagine.
  3. And what if a thief or intruder comes in your house and accidentally finds your gun then the case will be more worst.
  4. So having a good gun safe is always a good idea when you are a gun owner. The safe comes with many options like the biometrical, mechanical, combination, and many more.
  5. A gun safe can give you higher security for your guns and ammo. These safe cannot be open by anyone to accept you or to whom you have given authorization.
  6. Safe can also be useful when there is a natural disaster, fire, etc. So whenever this type of incident occurs and you are not there to protect it your gun storage will protect any type of event.

Points To Consider Before Choosing Best Gun Safe Under 1000

As we know buying a gun safe is not as easy as it looks. And before paying money to retailers or manufacturer you should look at these points before finalizing the gun safe.

  • Attention to depth: Always look for in-depth storage of the safe. So, if you are going to store rifle with a scope attached to it. Because sometimes its always annoying to attach the scope and sight it again. So better look for depth which can accommodate the scope attach with a rifle.
  • Don’t always go to your local gun shop to buy the particular safe. Because it doesn’t mean that the same particular safe many people have bought doesn’t mean its the best in the market. It simply means lots of talks have been made before buying that particular model.
  • How much spending: Sometimes insurance company covers the burglary insurance when you own a safe.
  • Where you will put your safe: Always consider easy to access your gun safe easily. Like if you put your safe in your garage or in the basement then it will be harder for you to every time go in the basement to store your gun. So always put where it’s easily accessible.

Factors You Should Consider When Buying The Best Gun Safe

So now you have decided to buy the best gun safe under 1000 but wait. Below we have discussed some points you should read carefully before finalizing any gun safe for your gun.

Size And Capacity

How many rifles or guns you will store? Or how many rifles or guns you have? Ask this question to yourself. Because size matters most and for big guns and small guns you don’t need any other safe to store them separately.

Go for that safe which can actually hold long guns and handguns. So especially if you are going to buy rifles or handgun then right safe for both the weapons is going to be different in size.

search result for best gun safe under 1000$
Best gun safe under 1000

Always check how many shelves a safe is providing to store your handguns or pistols. Because sometimes some safes have special hangers and holsters for pistols.

Also in the near future, if you are planning to buy more weapons then buy that safe which will be able to store more firearms.

In the near future what you gonna store will also be a major point because sometimes people also store some jewelry and some important document in it. So have that safe which has many compartments in it.


The most important aspect of the gun safe is to look at the locking system. Also always go for a minimum of three bolts to resist being open.

Today there are many locking patterns available in gun safe biometric fingerprint lock, electronic keypad, and mechanical dial, etc. Dial lock is also available but avoids them because they are too much time consuming and easy to break or crack it.

Always Remember keys can be lost easily and it will take a lot of time to get it replaced. The electronic keypad allows changing the code whenever you want to and can be operated by 2 AA batteries which can be last for many years. They also have a backup of a mechanical lock.

Biometric keypads are the best one and highly recommended because no codes to remember only they will scan your fingers and you are done. Also, you can allow many people to whom you want to share the access.


Sometimes we forget the thickness of any safe. But when it comes to storing guns then thickness also matters that’s why we suggest you go for a minimum of 11-12 gauge steel if you want to keep it away from children.

But if you feel that burglars then its highly recommended to go with a minimum of 12 gauge steel or above. Because it will be very hard to break the safe for intruders.

Fire Rating

Now if you are going to buy a safe then spending a few dollars extra on fireproof gun safe will be your good option. So always go for a safe which can hold at least 30-60 minutes of fire.

Overlook The Returns Policy

Whenever you are buying expensive product no matter whatever product not only gun safe but other product then always looks towards the return policy. Because sometimes we get the defected product and we weren’t able to return it due to its no return policy.

So return policy will save your money and also from zero policy. So it’s better not to overlook any return policy while finalizing any product.

FAQ Of Best Gun Safe Under 1000$

How are gun safe delivered safely?

This is the main question every time comes to our mind when buying the best gun safe under 1000. Mostly all the companies deliver guns safe near your driveway point. And also if you request them they can deliver at your door with some extra fees.


A dehumidifier is necessary to have?

No dehumidifier is not necessary to have. But if there is any moisture or humidity present in the air then a dehumidifier is most for your firearms like guns, pistol, ammo, etc.

Can a thief steel the entire safe?

This can happen sometimes. But we tell you some points where you can make the safe more secure and safe to reach from the thief. And remember while investing 

  • Put your safe in the garage or in the underground when there are chances of burglary. Because whenever a thief comes into the house he will always go to the master bedroom. So keeping it hide or away is the best option.
  • Sometimes hiding your safe is not always 100% secure and safe. Because some safe is not that heavy that they cant lift. So always use anchoring to protect your safe from the thief. When the safe is anchored properly then the thief will have to unbolt the safe to open it.
  • Always installed your safe with a professional locksmith or handyman to ensure the highest safety and protection.

Always Make Good Decision

Now it will be easier for you to pick the best guns safe under 1000 in 2020 for your valuable guns and other accessories. Some people always install a security camera and alarm system, but having a gun is the last line of defense which will not only protect you but also will keep your valuable safe from the thief.

Also if you want to invest low in the gun safe then we have got that cover. Why don’t you check this post best gun safe under 600$?

 New and Improved Heavy Duty Steelwater 16 tops our list of the best safe which you can rely on and the best money can buy.