Best Gun Safe Under 100 – Cheap But Secured

best gun safe under 100

If you’re looking for a new gun safe but don’t want to spend a fortune, then this post is perfect for you. We have found the best gun safe under 100 and put together a list of their features so that it’s easy for you to find the one right for you.

A gun safe is an important purchase for any firearms owner. When looking for a gun safe, the best place to start is deciding what size you need and then searching within that range. For instance, if you only have one handgun, the largest gun safes will be too big of a purchase.

The smaller ones are much more affordable and still give you the security of knowing your firearm is protected from theft or accidents in your home.

Choosing a gun safe is difficult. There are so many on the market, and all of them seem to have different features that make them appealing in one way or another.

Whether you are looking for something small to store your handgun or rifle, something large enough to hold a collection of guns, or anything in between, there is sure to be a gun safe out there that will work for you.

Best Gun Safe Under $100

Many people with firearms in their homes don’t have a good place to store them securely, leading to accidents and misuse. There are many different gun safes on the market, but not all of them offer adequate protection for your weapons. So, let’s find out the best gun safes under $100 below.

1). Quick-Access Pistol Safe for Multiple Handguns By RPNB

RPNB safe

The gun safe from RPNB is perfect for those who are looking to store multiple handguns together. This budget-friendly handgun safe can be mounted on a wall or floor with the help of pre-drilled holes. You can access the safe with the help of an electric keypad, an RFID key Fob, and also through manual keys.

The RFID key fob and automatic door opening help you to access the safe quickly in emergencies. The backlit digital keypad stores 20,000 unique combinations. To operate the unit, you will need 4 AA batteries, and there will be a low battery indicator when you access the unit with a beep sound.

In terms of build quality, it is constructed with sturdy steel, which provides excellent prevention against break-ins at a budget-friendly price. The unit’s interior comes with soft foam to protect your handgun from any scratches or dents while carrying it.

Dimension W x D x H
Internal Dimension 12.20 x 9 x 3.10
External Dimension 14.37 x 10.82 x 3.34
Weight 12lbs
Lock Electric Keypad & Manual Key


  • An automatic door opening helps to access the stored items quickly.
  • Approved by California Department Of Justice.
  • You can access the safe quickly with the help of an RFID Fob.
  •  It easily stores 2 handguns or a Single handgun with an extra magazine.


  • Heavy in size.
  • Some features are missing in the instruction manual guide.

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2). WINCENT Portable Biometric Handgun Safe

small firarm unit

Portable and secure the next gun safe from wincet capable of storing a single standard size handgun with some extra ammo, cash, passport, etc. This unit comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner and backup key if biometrics fails to scan in a critical situation. If the wrong fingerprint is entered 5 times repeatedly, then the safety device will lock for 5 minutes, and an alarm will sound for 30 seconds.

This handgun safe provides the best cushion performance with a memory foam layer that protects your firearm and other valuables from scratching. You can use screws with pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the safe to fix it on a wall or in a drawer, which will provide higher security.

The provided security cable is made of heavy-duty steel and can hold up to a massive pull force. You can also attach the unit to stationary objects to prevent theft. My personal favorite feature while testing the wincent handgun safe is the inbuilt LED light system.

The LED light in the gun safe automatically turns on when it is opened, allowing you to see inside regardless of whether it’s day or night. This compact design safety box is perfect for storing inside your drawer, truck, car, or closet without occupying more space.

Dimension W x D x H
Internal Dimension 8.7 x 7.8 x 2.2
External Dimension 7.9 x 11.8 x 2.3
Weight 6 pounds
Lock Biometric & Manual Key


  • LED light helps to access the firearm in darker conditions.
  • Biometric scanner stores multiple unique fingers to access the unit.
  • The Heavy-duty cable helps you to mount the safe on any stationary/fixed object.
  • The safe features anti-impact latches and a steel body that is seamlessly welded to prevent intrusion.


  • Minor issues with a biometric scanner.
  • The lid sometimes does not close, no matter how hard you try to close it.

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3). Hornady Vault Safe

Vault unit

If you are looking for a gun safe that can store multiple handguns with additional ammo or magazines, then check out Hornady’s small gun safe. The unit’s interior comes with an interior lighting system that lights up automatically when the door is opened. Also, the soft foam lining protects the valuables from any dents.

You can access it with the help of an electric keypad and also with a backup key. You will require 4 AAA batteries (Not included) to run the safe to power up the unit. The handgun safe comes with a four to six-digit keypad code that makes more choices for you to select a more secure code.

The safe is made of heavy-duty steel construction with a metal thickness of 16 gauge and a pry-resistant feature that prevents any forced or unauthorized entry. While testing the unit, we find there is no warning sound when a battery is low. It comes with one year warranty and is certified by the California department of justice.

Dimension W x D x H
Internal Dimension 8.6 x 11.4 x 3
External Dimension 9 x 12.7 x 5.25
Weight 12.8 lb
Lock Electric Lock & Backup key


  • Perfect for storing single/double handguns together.
  • 16 gauge metal thickness is enough to protect the gun from unauthorized access.
  • One year warranty
  • It comes with a desiccant pack to control the moisture inside.


  • No battery is provided to operate the unit.
  • There will be no low battery signal.

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4). Portable Handgun Safe By First Alert

This portable handgun safe from First Alert is a convenient option for storing your firearm and ammunition with a storage capacity of a single standard size small gun. The spring locking door opens up automatically when the code is entered correctly, allowing you quicker access.

This gun safe comes with an electronic keypad to program a “no-see” passcode of three to eight digits that allows you to access the safe in less than 2 seconds. You can also use a backup key to open this safe, which will come in handy if the keypad or battery dies.

The first alert is constructed with an 18 gauge metal thickness and a powder-coated finish that protects the unit from dust or rust. You can also secure this Pistol Safe either with the included heavy-duty steel cable or by mounting it to floors using pre-drilled holes. 

While testing this unit, we find out we cannot make the safe silent, so there will be a beep sound when you enter the code every time you access it. Also, the door opens half, so you have to use your both hand to open the unit. Rest everything is fine and perfect for those who want a locker box for under $100 price.

Dimension W x D x H
Internal Dimension 10.9 x 9 x 3.3
External Dimension 11.1 x 9.2 x 3.5
Weight 6.2 pounds
Lock Manual & Keypad


  • Holds mid-size handgun with one extra magazine.
  • It comes with a security cable. 
  • Lightweight
  • DOJ Approved


  • Average build quality.
  • You can make silent the beep sound.

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5). Home Security Box By Amazon

If you are looking for a safe that can accommodate your firearms and store other valuable items, you can check out amazon small gun safe. The interior of the safe has one removable shelf that helps you keep your stored items organized.

This unit is made up of 14 gauge steel and 2 live door bolts that resist prying in terms of protection level. The door has a thickness of 8 gauge carbon steel with four pre-drilled holes. You can operate the unit with an electric keypad and manual key.

This unit comes with Amazon One year standard warranty with excellent customer support. Also, you have to purchase the 4 AA battery to operate the unit. There will be a yellow light every time you access the safe when the battery is low or about to die.

Dimension W x D x H
Internal Dimension 10.6 x 12.8 x 14
External Dimension 13 x 12.9 x 14.2
Weight 30 pounds
Lock Manual & Electric Keypad


  • Safe wall has carbon steel thickness of 14 gauge & Door has a thickness of 8 gauge.
  • Overriding key in case battery runs out.
  • Ample storage to store plenty of items, including firearms.
  • You can remove the shelf if your main purpose is to store only weapons.
  • Low battery indicator.


  • The shelf cannot be adjusted.
  • No batteries are provided.
  • Heavy in size.

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Factors To Consider For Best Gun Safe Under 100

Locking Mechanism

At a budget-friendly price also you will get an option for the various locking systems. These are biometric, electric keypad, manual key, and combination lock system. Go with that unit that has at least 2 lock systems. Because if one lock fails to open the lock, then another one will help you access the unit.

Mounting The Safe

All the safes which come under the $100 price tag are lighter in size. If not mounted properly on the floor or wall, these safes can be stolen easily without doing anything. To secure them, it’s best to mount them with the help of pre-drilled holes at the back or bottom of the gun safe.


We have researched a couple of safes priced below 100 dollars that can store small firearms only and with a storage capacity of 1-2 guns. So, if you are looking to store more firearms, check out gun safe under 300 dollars.

Thickness of Wall

Remember, these gun safes will only protect your child from accessing the unit because you cannot expect a thicker wall to protect from any forced break-ins. You will get a gun safe at steel ranging from 16-18 gauge.


Buying a gun safe is not only about protecting your firearm from theft, but also making sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. There are plenty of cheap gun safes out there to choose from so you don’t need to worry anymore. But with the best gun safe under 100, it should make your search easier.