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Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2021 – Will It Survive From Fire?

Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Are you looking for the best fireproof gun safe in 2021 for your firearms to protect against any fire and also from flood-type situations? The Below listed gun safe, which we have listed, comes with a fireproof and waterproof feature that will protect the stored firearms from any fire or flood-type situation.

If you live in an area where a fire-type of situation might occur, then it’s a better idea to invest in a fireproof gun safe. We have researched and spent endless hours to bring gun safes that protect the stored valuable items to some extent. 

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Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2021

Below we have reviewed a couple of the best fireproof gun safe 2021, which will help you make the right decision selecting the right fireproof safe for your rifle, guns, pistol, etc.

1). SentrySafe Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe

best fireproof gun safeIf you are going to store small firearms like handguns, pistols, revolver, etc., SentrySafe can be your best option due to its waterproof and fireproof features. Coming from the top brand, many owners have rated this unit a five-star rating due to its built quality. The manufacture has designed this safe in such a way that will occupy less space but also capable of storing small guns inside the unit.

Packed with many features, this safe came with 2 master keys that also work as a backup key in case you forgot the code to access your safe. The gun-safe keypad also has a backlight feature that is very useful when you are accessing the safe at night time.

This unit protects the stored valuable items from fire for around a 1-hour at 1700°F (UL Classified), keeping all your valuables safe and secure. The door is completely sealed through the area, making it waterproof also. In times of flood-like situation, it protects the unit in water up to 8 inches deep, offering peace of mind in the event of a flood.

The manufacturer understands the importance of space, so they’ve provided more space to store other valuable items. Also, to store the firearms and other things neatly, this safe comes with 2 shelves and an extra Interior Locking Drawer. The unit’s door also comes with a key rack, deep door pocket, and door tray to organize all your items properly.

You can access the safe with 8 digit code which is the backlight. So when you enter the lock code, the keypad allows for combination visibility even when stored in a dimly lit closet.

In terms of security, this unit is made up of solid steel construction, and it consists of a Pry-resistant hinge bar for added protection which prevents any forced entry. It has a (1-inch) 4 live locking deadbolt that will make the intruder hard time breaking the unit.

It can also resist 15 ft. drop, which will remain lock and intact even if it falls incidentally from 15ft height. This safe does not have batteries, so you have to purchase it extra, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 12.6 x 11.9 x 13.8  
External Dimensions 16.3 x 19.3 x 17.8
Weight  86.69
Fire Rating & Water Proof 1 hour at 1700°F
Lock Electric Keypad & Manual Key


  • Fire Proof For 1 Hour
  • Waterproof For 24 Hour
  • Digital Lock With Backlight
  • ETL Verified Impact Resistance
  • Extra Locking Drawer


  • Only 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • No Batteries Included

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2). Heritage Security 24-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

search result for best fireproof rifle safe

Any safe that has great fire resistance, superior water resistance, and can not be easily broken by a bulgar attack easily. And if you are looking for all the features listed for your firearms then check out the heritage security unit.

Looking to store long, medium, a small type of weapons, etc, and also looking for more space to store extra accessories like jewelry, important documents, ammo, gears, etc., then this safe will be your best choice. Remember, due to its size it will occupy more space and also it is hard to move from one place to another due to its size (451 pounds).

The heritage company has built a gun safe that is fireproof and also waterproof. This unit can hold fire for up to a 75-minute fire rating at 1400F. And for Waterproof, it can hold till 72 hours in 2 feet of standing water.

This safe comes with shelves to store other valuable goods and extra pouches to store small firearms like handguns, pistols, etc. You can easily store 24 guns and extra accessories inside the unit. The shelf can also be adjusted according to your need. Also, the safe interior is designed to hold the rifle or gun barrel to access them quickly.

The electronic equipment can easily be charged with factory-installed USB ports. Also, there is a Built-in LED light bar, which provides plenty of lighting in dark conditions. This safe has pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware that you can mount on the floor or wall for extra security.

It has an electric lock that is protected by an anti-theft alarm function. Customer support of heritage safe is top-notch and addresses the issue very fast.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 14.5 x 20.4 x 55.7
External Dimensions 23.5 x 20.75 x 59
Weight  451 Pound
Fire Rating & Water Proof  75 minute @ 1400F & Water Proof 72 hours in 2Feet
Lock Electric Keypad Lock


  • Fireproof For 75 Minutes @ 1400F
  • WaterProof For 72 Hours 2 Feet
  • Bright LED Interior Light
  • All Removable Shelf To Store 24 Guns


  • Reports Of Malfunction Keypads

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3). Stack-On 22 Gun Security Safe

best fireproof handgun safeWhenever you choose a great gun safe, you always enjoy using it due to its many features. And when a product comes from stack-on, you can comfortably spend your money on it, due to its trust and brand factor.

This unit can hold 22 guns up to 54 inches tall, or if you are the owner of multiple guns, this safe will definitely complete your need. You can also store important documents, ammo, and other valuable items, etc. If you store all the extra accessories in this gun safe, it will easily store only 10-11 rifles. To store more rifles or guns, then you can adjust the shelves according to your need.

If we talk about the safe interior, then this model has a fully carpeted interior, that will protect the stored items from any type of scratch or dent. The lock system has an electric keypad lock with a pry-resistant two-way locking system and six locking points making it hard for a thief to open the safe.

Stack-On 22 comes with a low battery warning, so it will alert you about a low battery whenever the battery about to die. Also, this case comes with 2 backup keys in case the battery runs out.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 26 x 13 x 54.75
External Dimensions 26 x 17 x 55 
Weight  247 Pounds
Fire Rating & Water Proof 30 minutes
Lock Digital Keypad


  • Shelves Can Be Adjusted
  • Lots Of Interior Space
  • Can Hold 10-11 Rifles Easily
  • Six Locking Point To Make It


  • Heavy In Size

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4). BARSKA Fireproof Digital Keypad Vault Safe 

best fireproof safe

The unit is always giving the best performance when firearms are stored safely in it. This gun cabinet comes from Barska, the top brand in manufacturing in best fireproof gun safes.

If you are looking to store small guns and also you want extra space to store valuable goods, then Barska safe will surely fulfill your need. 

This safe is designed to protect from fire for at least 30 minutes @ 1700°F. It has a digital keypad lock with an extra backup key if the battery is about to die.

The digital keypad is designed in such a way that anyone can set up and operate the lock without taking any guide. This safe is made up of solid steel construction with Pry-Resistant 3 deadbolts recessed door.

Also, it’s always recommended for an extra security layer to mount your safe on a wall or floor. That’s why all mounting hardware comes with pre-drilled holes.

Barska has carpeted the safe interior to protect against any damages or scratches stored inside the safe. The company has also provided 2 adjustable shelves for extra storage.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 17.8 x 15.35 x 27.8
External Dimensions 20 x 20 x 30
Weight  176.25 lbs
Fire Rating & Water Proof Fireproof For 30 Minutes @1700° F
Lock Digital Keypad


  • Adjustable Shelves
  • 3 Locking Bolt
  • Best For Storing Handguns
  • Comes With 9V Battery


  • Expensive

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5). First Alert Waterproof FireSafe

fireproof premium safe

This safety box is ready to use as soon it is delivered to your doorstep. If you access the safe at a darker place, you can easily access it as it has a backlight keypad. The build is so good that it can protect your goods from Fire, Flood, and Bulgars. You can be sure the money spent on this safe is worth it.

In terms of fire protection, the First alert can hold fire up to one hour @ 1700 degrees and which will keep your all valuable and firearms safe from fire. This safe comes with a 5-year warranty, and if any of your content is exposed to fire, it will replace for a lifetime.

The company doesn’t stop here; they have added one more feature, and they have also made this safe waterproof. The waterproof seal will keep your inside contents dry even when this safe is fully submerged. You can easily store your important documents or electronic media like hard drives, pen drives, CDs, etc., safely.

If someone tries to open your safe and frequently input the wrong code, it will be locked and can’t be open except for the master keys that come with this safe.

This safe also comes with 2 adjustable shelves, which can be removed if you want to store more firearms. But remember, if you keep those shelves inside the pistol safe, they will not hold more weight.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 13.5 x 13.88 x 19.69
External Dimensions 17.63  x 23.38 x 24.13
Weight  145 pounds
Fire Rating & Water Proof One Hour & Water Proof
Lock Backlit Digital Keypad


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Fire Proof For 1 Hour
  • Digital lock with override key
  • Solid Construction


  • There has been complaint about digital lock keypad

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6). Kodiak Gun Safe by Rhino Metals

kodiak fireproof gun safe

If you are looking for rugged and reliable security with heavy-bodied construction with a great fire rating, then Kodiak gun safe will definitely fulfill your need for your firearm.

This safe can hold fire for at least 40 minutes @ 1400°F with heat-activated sealed the edge of the doors and expands up to 7 times to help firearms keep away from smoke and heat.

It is made up of a 2mm steel composite body and door but still light in weight. Kodiak gun cabinet can hold 32 long guns and 6 handguns with a patent swing-out gun rack (which is not included) to store extra pistols.

This California-approved firearm safety device with a single hardened steel plate will protect the lock from any drill attack.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 31 x 15 x 57
External Dimensions 33 x 20 x 59
Weight  420 Pound
Fire Rating & Water Proof Fireproof for 40 minutes @ 1400°F
Lock Digital keypad with 3-spoke vault style handle


  • Single hardened steel plate
  • Fireproof For 40 Minutes
  • Internal Anti-Tamper clutch
  • California-approved gun safe
  • Large door bolts


  • Swing rack should be included
  • Not water proof

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7). SentrySafe Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination

best fireproof gun safe for the money

If your main purpose is to store small firearms then SentrySafe has made the most affordable fireproof handgun safe with good security features. If you live in an area where wildfire and floods are common then this safe is for you.

The manufacturer has given all the important features like a dual key lock with combination dial functionality, fireproof for 1 hour @ 1700°F, ETL Verified waterproof for 24 hours, which gives protection for up to 8 inches deep peace of mind during the flood.

You don’t need batteries to operate this safe as a combination lock can operate it. You will need a key and combination to access the safe.  

This safe is equipped with four large bolts fitted by hinge bars, making it impossible for any bulgar to gain access. You can also bolt it down on the floor to make it more secure and safe. But remember, this safe does not come with pre-drilled holes. You have to drill on your own but marks are there where you have to drill.

The company understands the importance of space, so the interior is equipped with adjustable shelves. You can store other valuable products with firearms.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 12.6 x 11.9 x 13.8
External Dimensions 16.3 x 19.3 x 17.8
Weight  86 pounds
Fire Rating & Water Proof Fireproof for 60 minutes & Waterproof for 24 hours
Lock Combination lock with secondary key


  • Super Fire protection & Water protection
  • Strong Steel Construction
  • Good Combination Key Lock
  • Does Not Require Battery To Operate


  • No Predrilled Holes
  • No Interior Light

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The Best Fireproof Rifle Safe For The Money

1). Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

best safe

We have researched numerous fireproof gun safe and when we talk about quality-wise Bluedot safes are the most reliable in quality and also in the price point of view. Some companies provide budget-friendly safe but they compromise in quality.

This unit is certified to protect your stored firearms for at least 1-HOUR UP TO 1700F, and interior temperature will remain 350 degrees and will not exceed above it. Also, this safe is DOJ certified by the California department of justice.

Bluedot safe comes with pre-drilled holes, which can be mounted on the floor for extra security. But safe itself is 650lbs, so a thief can’t carry or move easily. The manufacture should have given an EMP-proof keypad for extra security.

They have also not provided any backup keys and no backup battery if it dies out to access in an emergency. But the company claims that it is UL certified locking system where you can operate 30000 times without any problem.

The unit comprises 12-gauge solid steel construction of both body and door with lock hard plate drill resistance (Upon Request) which ensures maximum protection against any unauthorized person trying to attack the drill plate.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 32 x 20 x 55
External Dimensions 36 x 25 x 59
Weight  650lbs
Fire Rating & Water Proof 1-HOUR FIRE PROTECTION @ 1700F
Lock Mechanical Dial Combination Lock


  • 12 Gauge Solid Steel Construction
  • Scratch Resistant Powder Coating
  • UL Listed Lock
  • Removable Door


  • No Backup Keys Provided
  • Not Waterproof

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2). E.M.P Proof Steelwater Extreme Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection

If you had a bigger collection of guns, rifles, or any other firearm then you should definitely opt for E.M.P Proof Steelwater gun safe. This safe can be a bit higher in price point but packed with many features where other gun units don’t have.

This safe is fireproof for at least 120 minutes @ 1875˚F, which can protect your stored firearms from getting any damage. The company claims that you can easily store 39 long guns, but we have tested that it can store 24-28 long guns easily by removing all adjustable shelves.

It is Exceeds the California Department of Justice, and also 9 Gauge steel constructed body with decorative beveled edges increases the security of the safe. It has 9-gauge steel sides thick safe, and the 5-inch door is reinforced with an additional ¼-inch sheet of solid steel for added security.

The best part that we like about this safe is it has an internal power supply. So you don’t have to hole your safe to run a dehumidifier. Also, the manufacture has provided LED interior lighting, which will automatically turn on when the door is opened and will turn off when the door is closed. So you can also operate in low light conditions.

It is as strong against any leverage, impact, and drilling attacks to keep the burglars hard to break. The digital keypad is EMP-safe, or you can upgrade to a biometric system for entering fingerprints. Also, this gun unit comes with extra backup keys in case the keypad lock fails to open.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 34 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 54 3/8
External Dimensions 39 x 24 x :59
Weight  925
Fire Rating & Water Proof 120 minutes @ 1875˚F
Lock Digital keypad with 2 backup keys


  • 120 Minutes Of Fireproof
  • Can Store 25-28 Guns Easily OF All Sizes
  • 9 Gauge Solid Steel Construction
  • Exceeds California Department of Justice
  • Automatic Interior LED Lighting
  • 25% Longer Locking Bolts


  • Expensive
  • Not Waterproof

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3). Stack-On Large Home and Office Security Fireproof Safe

stack on

Stack-On Large home and office is the best fireproof safe under 500$ for your firearms if your gonna store a couple of handguns, pistol, or other important documents without compromising any safety. Whenever you decide to choose this one, you can be sure it will be worth spending your money on it.

It is fire-resistant for at least 30 minutes for a temperature up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The safe is made up of 2 solid steel construction and 2 locking bolt to provide extra security to stored firearms.

The Interior has carpeted shelves with 2 adjustable shelves to store other valuable items according to your need. It would be best if you mounted this safe on the floor for extra security. We are recommending mounting this safe on the floor due to its lightweight.

This safe has an electronic locking system that can be set up by a 3 to 8 digit combination lock and a silent entry option. Also, when the battery is about to die, it will alert about it, and also if the battery dies out completely, then there are 2 backup keys with this safe.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 15.75 x 12.5 x 17.25
External Dimensions 17.5 x 14.25 x 19 
Weight  86 lbs
Fire Rating & Water Proof Fireproof for 30 Minutes @1400 degree
Lock Electronic Keypad


  • Best For Home & Office Use
  • 2 Removable Shelves
  • Fireproof
  • California Approved Firearm Safety Device.


  • Not waterproof

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Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under 500

Below is the list of gun safes, which are fireproof and budget-friendly without making you invest more in a gun safe.

SentrySafe EF4738E Water Proof & Fire Proof Safe

fireproof and waterproof gun safe

If you are looking for the best fireproof gun safe under 500$, then I would recommend you check out SentrySafe, which is durable as well as fireproof and waterproof. This unit can hold fire for up to 1/2 hour at 1400°F keeps the inside temperature well maintained so that stored firearms remain in a safe condition.

This unit also comes with waterproof features that will protect your inside items for at least 72 hours of protection in water up to 12 inches deep, offering peace of mind in the event of a flood-type situation. You can access this unit with the help of an electric code system and also manual keys. The manual keys are good when you forgot the code or your unit is running out of battery.

To operate the unit in an electric keypad, you need 4 AA Alkaline batteries to operate it. If you don’t want to operate with the battery, you can also operate it with a manual key. The unit’s interior comes with a carpeted floor that protects your guns from any scratches and dent.

It is made up of solid steel construction of reliable protection with 5 live locking bolts and 4 deadbolts in terms of security. This protection will keep away the intruders from any unauthorized access to your firearms.

Dimension W*D*H
Internal Dimensions 19.4 x 11.7 x 35.7
External Dimensions 21.7 x 19 x 37.7
Weight  217 Pounds
Fire Rating & Water Proof Fireproof For 1/2 Hours & Water Proof For 72 Hours
Lock Digital keypad & Manual Keys


  • Fireproof For Half Hour @1400˚F (760˚C).
  • Waterproof For 72 Hours In 12 Inches Of Water
  • 4 Dead Bolts & 5 Live Locking Bolts
  • Interior Protection
  • DOJ Approved Gun Safe


  • No Interior Light
  • No Battery Included

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Factors To Consider For A Fireproof Gun Safe

Remember that no gun safe is 100% secure from a fireproof safe, but you can significantly reduce the damage if that fireproof safe is certified by some institution. A good Fireproof unit will give excellent safety for your firearms in case of any incident occur.

Below we have listed down buying guides and factors you should consider before finalizing the safe. The below ratings are from official and approved institutions that specialize in fireproof testing in the US. Also, when you spent your hard-earned money, you should not feel cheated.

California Department of Justice:

Whenever you look at any firearms storage, try to go with a California-approved gun safe (DOJ Approved) because it has more features. Also, it has been tested by a certified lab for a good quality product.

Fire Rating

A most important factor to consider when you are going to buy the best fireproof gun safe. The more time safe protect stored firearms from fire more you have to pay for that safe. But remember, always go for that fire-safe that has been tested by an independent third-party.


Always you are gonna love a gun unit that can store more guns. You need that safe to easily store all your guns securely and out of any fire or flood. Some manufacturers safe can store up to 30 guns and other accessories also by providing extra shelves. Always try to go with that safe that stores more firearms or accessories. Because in the future, you might be purchasing more firearms, then there will be no storing problem at that time.


Now every safe is made up of steel or steel composite. Most of the safes are made up of steel or steel gauges. Always look for the durability and thickness of the safe. But remember thicker the safe more it will be good in quality. Sometimes, the safe’s thickness is listed as a gauge. You can opt for lower gauge steel which is thicker. Also, 16-gauge steel construction is as low as you should go.


When you invest money in a safe that will save your firearms from fire, then why not purchase, which also secures them from thieves and Bulgars. Theives always try to pry the door open to any extent. And locking bolt will always protect against the pry-attack. So more the locking bolt it has to secure the door frame, it will always be harder to pry the door open.


Sometimes mounting the safe add more security to the gun safe, which is light in weight and heavy in weight. Because the safe which is lighter in weight can be carried easily by thieves without try to break. So mounting the safe will become harder for burglars to carry with them.

But remember, a fireproof safe does not come with pre-drilled holes due to fireproof and waterproof features. So if you are looking to pre-drill the holes, you might void the unit’s warranty.


The best fireproof gun safe, which I have discussed above, are all best in design, more functionality, protect your important documents, firearms, other valuable items, etc. It all easy to set up and use without creating any trouble. As I personally recommend you go with that safe, which can protect  1-2 hours from fire and any flood.