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Best Desiccant For Gun Safe

Best Desiccant For Gun Safes

Tired of moisture build-up inside your safety box that damages your stored firearms, the solution is investing in the best desiccant for gun safe. The desiccant will keep the humidity level low and make your guns rust and corrosion-free.

Gun safes are becoming an essential part of the family to keep it safe from any unknown person’s gun misuse. Generally, there are two types of dehumidifiers currently available in the market: desiccant & electric types.

  • Electric Dehumidifiers: These type of dehumidifiers requires electricity to operate inside the gun safe. But they are more effective as compare to the desiccant. However, electric ones are more expensive than desiccants ones, and if you are the owner of a fireproof gun safe, it might not be the best option to own.
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers: These dehumidifiers do not require electricity to run, but they have limited moisture control capability. They are not as expensive as electric ones but require charging to again work with full capacity. 

Let’s discuss the best desiccant for gun safes that are cost-effective and require less space to store inside the safety box.

Best Desiccant For Gun Safe

1). White Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

White Eva Dry

The desiccant dehumidifier from Eva-dry is made to store inside the small gun safe or perfect for covering the area up to 333 cubic feet. This air dryer is made up of non-toxic chemical and elements which is pet and child safe. The Eva-dry is made up compact and lightweight design that can be store anywhere without taking lots of space.

If there is so much moisture build-up inside your safes, then Eva-dry is capable of absorbing 4-6 oz moisture keeps it dry and protected from any rust or corrosion. The Eva-dry uses renewable silica gel that does not require any battery or electricity to work. This unit comes with a warranty of 5 years, and silica beads last up to 10 or more years, giving you moisture-free inside the safety box.

This air dryer works for 3-4 weeks, depending on how much moisture inside the gun safe. Then, when the beads turn their color from orange to blue, it’s time to charge the unit. There is a plug behind the Eva-dry that can be put inside any power strip to make the needs again from blue to orange to charge the unit fully.


  • Works Silently Inside The Gun Safe
  • Absorb Less Space And Can Be Placed Anywhere Inside The Unit
  • Lasts For 10 Years Or More
  • Does Not Require Frequent Charging
  • Budget-Friendly Desiccant Dehumidifier


  • You Need To Check Your Safety Box Frequently If The Silica Gel Is Working Or Not
  • The Plug Is Made Up Of Cheap Material
  • Not Good For Larger Rifle Safes

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2). Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier

Hornady Canister Dehumidifier

If you are looking for a canister dehumidifier that is ideal for absorbing excessive moisture inside the long gun safes, check out Hornady desiccant for gun safes. This unit requires less space inside the safety box and does not require any electricity or battery to operate.

You can charge this canister again and again by simply putting it inside the oven. When the silica gel beads turn from blue to pink, it’s time to charge it by placing the canister inside the oven at 300-degree F. The canister will take 4 hours to charge until silica gel beads turn blue fully.

This desiccant dehumidifier is easy to use and can be last for years to come without losing its absorbing capability. But make sure when the canister is fully charged, don’t pick it up with your bare hands. Wear heat-resistant gloves to avoid any burn when taking out the canister.


  • Perfect For Large Rifle Safes
  • Absorbs More Moisture In Compare To Other Dehumidifiers
  • You Can Recharge The Canister In Any Oven At 300-degree F
  • Changes Color When Absorption Is Over From Blue To Pink


  • If Humidity Level Is High, The Unit Needs To Recharge Frequently
  • Takes Longer Time To Fully Charge (4 Hours)

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3). Moisture Absorber By Barska

Barska Humidifier Bag

The Barska desiccant is perfect for those looking to place the moisture absorber inside the small gun safe to prevent any damage to stored small firearms. It is light in weight and absorbs less space compared to other dehumidifiers.

The best part of this humidifier is it charges in less than 5 minutes. So when the patented color changes from blue to pink, place the Barska desiccant inside the oven @ 600W. The Barska is filled with moisture-absorbing silicon dioxide (SiO2).

Remember, if you use a powerful oven to charge the desiccant above 600w, it will melt the packet and damage the whole dehumidifier. So make sure you don’t exceed the temp above 600w and don’t keep it more than 4 minutes.


  • Lightweight
  • Does Not Require Any Electricity & Battery To Operate
  • Charges In Less Than 4 Minute @ 600W In Microwave
  • Filled With Moisture Absorbing Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)
  • Budget-Friendly Price


  • Not Perfect For Storing Inside Medium To Large Gun Safe

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4). Rechargeable Desiccant Dehumidifier From Hornady

Best gun safe desiccant

The Hornady has come with a dehumidifier capable of controlling the humidity level inside the gun safe to protect any firearm, ammo, gears from any rust or corrosion. It is made up of harmful free chemicals that are child and pet-safe.

You don’t require any holes or electric wires to operate the Hornady dehumidifier. This rechargeable cordless dehumidifier removes the moisture level up to 100 cubic feet and requires charging after 30 to 40 days, depending on how much humidity is inside the safety box.

There is an indicator on the unit that will let you know when to charge the Hornady desiccant dehumidifier. To charge this unit, there is a plug behind it to recharge it again. Ensure you don’t charge it for more than 24 hours, as the red indicator light will not turn off automatically. 


  • Covers The Area Of 100 Cubic Feet
  • Runs For Atleast 30-40 Days & Again Usable After Fully Charged
  • Indicator Lets The User Know When The Beads Have Turned From Blue To Orange And Requires Charging
  • Mounting Bracket Allows You To Mount On Wall
  • Harmful Free Chemical Is Used Which Is Child & Pet Safe


  • The Build Quality Is Average,
  • Charging Light Does not Switch Off After Fully Charged

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5). Zarpax Reusable Gun Safe 2-Pack Dehumidifier

Best dehumdifier for gun safe

Tired of bad odor in your gun safe and looking for an effective solution? The Zarpax dehumidifier is perfect for eliminating the wired smell inside the gun locker by absorbing excessive moisture present inside the safety box.

The bag comes with a humidity indicator that will turn pink to blue when the absorption is reached full, and the Zarpax needs charging again. The best feature that we like is it charges 100% in less than 7 minutes with a temperature of 600 w and ready to start absorbing moisture again.

If you don’t have an oven, place the bag in direct sunlight, and it will be available to reuse after the silica gel turns from pink to blue. However, if you keep the bag inside the oven for too long, it might burn, and the silica gel might come out from the bag.


  • Perfect For Keeping Inside Any Safety Box To Absorb Excess Moisture
  • Recharge Quickly In Less Than 7 Minutes
  • Comes In Different Sizes


  • Overheating Issue If Kept For So Long Inside The Oven
  • Not Clear Humidity Indicator

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Why Do We Require Desiccant Humidifier For Gun Safe?

If the safe is tightly sealed and there is no way for air to pass, then there will be humidity/water build-up inside the gun safe. And if the safe is fireproof or waterproof, then the humidity level will be so much in case the normal gun safe.

When the unit is not opened for many days, the moisture will start building and form condensation. To avoid building the moisture, we place a dehumidifier inside the gun safe.

What Should We Look For Selecting Right Dehumidifier?


All the above tried and tested desiccant is recharged using the oven, electric socket, microwave recharge, and direct sunlight.

Time Between Again Recharge

Many dehumidifiers last for more than 4 weeks, and more all depends on how much humidity level is inside the unit. For example, if the gun safe is placed in a garage or the basement, you might need to recharge it regularly as the humidity level is much more in these areas.


The desiccant dehumidifier is more affordable than the electric ones to keep all your stored firearms safe. So you can get a couple of these at a budget-friendly price without spending too much on them.


Due to their compact size, they can be placed or hang easily inside the rifle or handgun safe. Also, they occupy less space as compare to electric ones.


No drills or wire is required to use these water-absorbing units. Please take out the desiccant from the box and place it inside the unit to protect your firearms from rust or corrosion. Find the perfect corner and place it there and see the changes using a hygrometer.


Can I Place Inside The Wooden Cabinet?

No cannot place a desiccant dehumidifier inside the wooden cabinet. It may crack or split the cabinet from the dry air.

Where Should I Keep Inside The Gun Safe?

You should keep the dehumidifier where it can easily remove the water present inside the safe. Also, you can put it in the corners of the safety box.

Final Words

All the above best desiccant for gun safe requires recharging after 3-4 weeks to remove mold, moisture, or mildew to protect the stored guns. According to our testing, Hornady is the perfect gun-safe dehumidifier that can mount or hang inside without absorbing extra space.