Best Budget Gun Safe – Can We Get Quality Gun Safe In Budget?

Are you looking to store your guns in a quality gun safe? And also you have a budget restriction? Then we had listed down the best budget gun safe which will surely help you out choosing a gun safe.

There’s a lot of gun safe out there in the market starting from $40 to $10000. From classic safes to biometric safety features you have unlimited options.

In this guide, we will cover from a handgun safe to rifle safes and there will be many options for you to choose from.

Best Gun Safe On A Budget

1). RPNB Biometric Gun Security Safe With RFID Lock

best budget gun safes

RPNB gun safe is the best safes when I talk about the budget. It comes with a 3-way entry system like a biometric, backlit keypad, and manual keys. There are two models available in the market one is of Biometric lock which has 3 layer locking system. Other model does not have a biometric lock but has an RFID lock system. 

It can store 20 fingerprints to access the safe immediately as soon as the finger is scanned. When a fingerprint is scanned the door opens automatically to access a stored firearm, document, or other valuable documents. You will require 4 AA batteries (Not included) to operate the safe.

The interior of the safe has soft foam which helps to protect the firearms from any scratches or dent. The 4 digit keypad can have 40,000 unique code combinations to choose from. This safety box comes with pre-drilled holes that can be mount on the floor or wall for extra protection. All mounting hardware is included.

This safety box is made up of tough rugged steel construction for maximum security with a pry-resistant door. The layer of the gun safe consists of the durable dual-layer with a welded pry-proof steel body. The manufacture gives a year warranty.

Internal Dimensions7.87 x 12.00 x 2.95 
External Dimensions10.82 x 14.37 x 3.34
Weight 10 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockBiometric, Electric Keypad, Manual Keys


  • Biometric Fingerprint Lock
  • 3 Point Entry System
  • Fast Access
  • Store 2 Handguns


  • Plastic Fitting On The Side

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2). Awesafe HandGun Safe With Fingerprint Identification

best gun safe on a budget
best budget gun safe

If you are looking for safe with maximum security with ample space to store handgun then awesafe will not let you down. You can store 2 standard size handgun or one large pistol with extra ammo.

This safe can easily be accessible by fingerprint quick access. Also, you can access this safe by a digital keypad and manual keys in case you forgot the digital code or battery runs out completely. Also if you are living in the apartment then also you can pick this safe without storing extra space.

In terms of security, the awesafe is made up of a pry-resistant door to prevent any type of forced entry by intruders. The manufacture has developed the handgun case in such a way that it’s impossible to open with hand tools due to its precise fitting.

Sometimes we have to open the safe in darker condition and it becomes a pain to access the gun unit in no light condition. But with awesafe you don’t have to worry about as it had an interior led light which is best for the darker condition. Also, you can access the safe with one hand with the help of gas-strut technology and also opens the safe quietly. 

If you like to travel a lot and don’t want to compromise from your safety then this safe can be very handy and portable to carry wherever you go. You can keep this safe under the seat or between the spare tires to hide it easily. This safe comes with a one-year factory warranty.

Internal Dimensions9.7 x 6.7 x 2.2
External Dimensions12.1 x 9.9 x 3.2
Weight 10 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockBiometric, Electric Keypad, Manual Keys


  • Finger Print Quick Access
  • Single Hand Access
  • Interior Led Light
  • Solid Construction
  • Comes With Pre- Drilled Holes For Mounting


  • There are Some Complaint About Quality
  • Not Fireproof

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Best Budget Gun Safe For Drawers

3). BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Top Opening Drawer Safe Box

best safe on a budget
best gun safe on a budget

If you are a proud owner of the firearms and looking for the best drawer gun safe then checkout Barska gun unit. Approved by California Of Department of justice this safe can store 2 handguns easily and also extra ammo with it.

This safe can be accessed in 2 ways. One is a biometric fingerprint scanner and the other is through manual keys. There is no digital or electric keypad to access the safe. You can also silent the access of safe which optional according to your convenience.

It can store 120 biometric fingers to set up the safe. I suggest you scan your fingers multiple times in all positions. The safe can be accessed in 2.5 seconds as soon as the finger is scanned.

4 AA batteries are provided to power the safe and the battery lasts for one year according to your usage. There will be a warning alarm that will alert you for a low battery. There are also 2 manual keys which are always helpful if you forgot to charge the battery and battery runs out completely.

In terms of the interior, it has a protective floor mat to protect your firearms from any damage. To mount the safe inside the drawer it comes with pre-drilled holes which help in mounting the safe for extra security.

Now in terms of build quality, it is made up of solid steel construction which is pry-resistant, saw resistant, drop resistant, etc. Also if the door remains open for 3-5 mins then it will emit alarm of open door.

Internal Dimensions14.56 x 11.19 x 3
External Dimensions14.81 x 11.5 x 5
Weight 21.34 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockBiometric & Manual Keys


  • Hinged Hopper Deposit Slot
  • Advanced Fingerprint Scanner
  • Can Easily Store 2 Handguns
  • Comes Pre-drilled Holes For Mounting


  • No Electric Keypad
  • Little Bit Bulky

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4). AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access Dual Firearm Unit

gun safe on a budget
best gun safe on a budget

If you are looking for safe which is budget-friendly and also comes with brandable manufacture then AmazonBasics safe which will fulfill your need. This safe can store 2 handguns easily with extra ammo. 

This safe has 3 locking systems such as biometric fingerprint, electronic keypad, and manual keys, etc. In case of safety, this safe is made up of solid steel construction with pry-resistant and can be access single-handed entry. The fingerprint sensor scans the finger in less than 1 seconds for extra fast access.

The fingerprint scanner has a touch capacity of 1,000,000. It is approved by the California Department of Justice as a firearm safety device. The safe comes with pre-drilled holes and all the mounting hardware to mount the safe on the floor for better protection.

If you want discreet access you can turn off the sound of the opening door of safe. This safe will definitely keep away kids from firearms and will secure your family in case of an emergency. This unit comes with AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty with excellent customer service.

Internal Dimensions7.6 x 11.6 x 3.1
External Dimensions11 x 14.8 x 3.7
Weight 12.8 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockBiometric, Electric Keypad & Manual Keys


  • Biometric Scans Finger In Less Than 1 Seconds
  • Store 2 Handgun
  • Quiet Rubber Buttons
  • Pre-Drilled Holes With All Mounting Hardware


  • No Interior Light

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5). V-Line 2912-S Top Drawer Security Case (Best Budget Gun Safe)

budget rifle safe
best budget gun safe

V line safe is known to built quality safe in low prices with highest safety features also known as beast safe for handguns. You will not require any type of batteries or manual key to access the safe. Only there is one way to access is through the mechanical locking system.

It is made up of 16 gauge solid steel construction with pry-resistant which prevents any brute attack to access the safe. Approved by California Department Of Justice this safe can store 2 handguns easily with extra ammo with it. This safe has a clamshell design that has semi-gloss of powder coating.

The interior has heavy foam which protects the stored valuable documents or firearms from any dents or scratch. It comes with pre-drilled holes in the bottom which helps to secure in the drawer or any other top surface. This safe will be best for your office, house, RV boats, etc.

For locking there is a mechanical lock that can be set up with a programmable 5 push button that does not require any battery or manual key to operate.

There is no interior light inside the safe so in the darker condition, it might be a pain to operate the unit. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty and there is no security cable included with this safe. Go with this safe if you want to access your safe quickly.

Internal Dimensions8¾ x 11¾ x 2½
External Dimensions9.5 x 12.5 x 2.5
Weight 10 pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockOnly Mechanical Lock


  • Pre Punched Holes
  • 16 Gauge Solid Steel Construction
  • Mechanical Lock With 1081 Combination
  • Pry Resistant Clamp shell Design
  • CA DOJ Approved


  • No Interior Light
  • No Security Cable

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6). SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe

If you looking for a safe which can store 2 handguns and also had high-level protection for your stored firearms then I would suggest you go with Sentary Safe for a handgun. Best in design and easier to protect from unauthorized access by hiding the safe in a drawer or in closet.

For the quick and silent opening of the door, this safe is equipped with gas-strut for long-lasting operation. Also, you can access the safe single-handedly and get your handgun quickly.

In terms of security, this safe is made up of solid steel construction with 12 gauge pry-resistant door for added security. You can access the safe with the help of biometric, electric keypad, and override keys. To run the safe with full power you will need 4 AA batteries (not included). Always use branded alkaline batteries which lasts for 8-10 years for long time usage.

This safe has interior light to increase visibility in dark conditions or in the night time. The interior light helps to access the stored handguns easily. The biometric fingerprint scans the finger in less than one second allowing to access the firearm in less than 2.5 seconds.

Whenever you going to buy a portable handgun safe it is recommended to bolt down your safe on the top surface or on the wall for high protection of safe. For added protection, the safe comes with pre-drilled holes with all the mounting hardware and bolt down kit.

Internal Dimensions14 x 6.5 x 2.2
External Dimensions16.4 x 9.8 x 3.2
Weight 16 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockDigital Keypad, Biometric & Manual Key


  • 12 Gauge Solid Steel Body
  • Soft Lining Interior
  • Quick Access
  • Hold 2 Handguns Easily
  • Interior Light For Increased Visibility


  • Minor Complaint About Fingerprint Scanner

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Can We Get Best Budget Rifle Safe?

Yes, there are a lot of options available when buying the best rifle case in the budget. These are not only budget-friendly but also highly protective for stored firearms. These all firearms which are listed below have almost all the features which a high-end rifle unit had.

7). Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe (Best Budget Rifle Safe)

When we talk about budget-friendly Barska Rifle Safe comes first in terms of quality and best in the price range. If you want to store a couple of rifles and also some other accessories like ammo, jewelry, money, etc then I would suggest you go with Barska Rifle Unit.

Approved by the California Department of justice this safe has a biometric lock system that stores 120 fingerprints in its database. As soon as your finger is scanned the door opens instantly allowing you to access your stored rifles in less than 2.5 seconds. The manufacture claims a 100% unlocking rate in the first attempt.

This biometric rifle safe ensures higher protection which is 100% solidly build quality with steel walls and tamper-proof inner edges which last for wall protection.

For more safety purposes it comes with 14 gauge steel thickness with 3 live locking bolt, 3 locking system and anti prying concealed hinges which has a maximum resistance which is enough keeping away burglars from safe.

Also, you can silent the safe completely by turning on silent mode. You just have to hold the red button for 10 seconds to activate silent mode.

In the interior side, there is one removable shelf which you can adjust according to your need. The shelf is in the above compartment allowing you to store all the valuable goods in it.

You can store 4 rifles easily at 4 rifle rest position. The safe comes with pre-drilled holes and all the mounting hardware to mount the safety box on the floor for better protection.

To operate the safe 4 AA batteries are included to run with full power. Batteries last for one year or 10,000 scans according to your usage. There is also a low battery indicator when the battery is low.

Internal Dimensions9.7 x 7.63 x 52
External Dimensions9.5 x 8.63 x 52.13
Weight 62 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockBiometric & Manual Key


  • 3 Built In Pry Resistant Steel Deadbolt
  • Fast Access Under 2.5 Seconds
  • 4 Position Rifle Rest
  • 100% Unlocking Rate
  • Removable shelves


  • Not fireproof
  • You Cannot Store Without Attachment

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8). V-Line Shotgun Safe (Quick Access)

If you are looking for a safe which does not require any batteries to operate then V-line shotgun safe will be best for your firearms.

V-line comes with a simplex locking mechanism with a 1081 combination which does not require any battery to operate it. But you can also access the safe with the help of 2 keyed lock.

To hide the safe you can mount the safe comfortably on wall or floor with pre-punched mounting holes. You can store a single shotgun in this safe. You can store Mossberg 500 having 18.5 inches barrel or Remington Tactical 870 easily.

The unit is made up of 16 gauge steel thickness making it unauthorized access of the safe. The only downside about this safe is it can store only a single shotgun and no room to store other valuable items. The safety box is finished with black textured low gloss powder coating.

This safe is made up in the USA and best for home defense to protect your family from any intruders in case of emergency.

Internal Dimensions7 x 3 x 40½
External Dimensions8 x 3.5 x 42
Weight 25 pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockSimplex Mechanical Lock


  • 16 Gauge Steel Construction
  • 1081 Lock Combination
  • Light Weight
  • Not Batteries Require To Operate


  • You Can Store One Single Shotgun
  • One More Lock Should Be There

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9). INTERGREAT Large Rifle & ShotGun Safe For Quick Access

We have reviewed many guns safe above but if you really want a rifle safe which has the capacity to store 5 rifles and also in the budget then I would definitely tell you to go with Intergreat safe. In this safe, you can store rifles and shotgun with or without any scope attached.

In terms of security, it comes with 20mm of 5 solid deadbolts with 6.5 cm thickness of the unit steel door which is enough to keep intruders away from the safe. The safe also comes with pry-proof and tamper-resistant which keeps away any unauthorized access of the safe.

The interior of the safe comes with an extra small box at the upper side of the unit to store your valuables or handguns. You will get a lockable small box to prevent any unauthorized access to your stored valuable items. The inside floor is carpeted to prevent any scratches or damage.

The internal and external coating comes with anti-rusting, anti-corrosion, and epoxy-polyester which makes it more secure and life long. The safe comes with pre-drilled holes at the bottom and back for mounting the safe for more security of the unit. All the mounting hardware is included.

Internal Dimensions12.4 x 11.8 x 49.2
External Dimensions13.6 x 13.4 x 57
Weight 99 pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockDigital Keypad & Manual Keys


  • Heavier & Large Rifle Safe
  • Store 5 Rifles Or Shotgun With Or Without Scopes
  • 5 Solid Locking Bolt 20mm
  • Pre-drilled holes At Bottom & Back
  • Locker Box Inside The Safe


  • Bulky
  • Not Fireproof

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10).Moutec Quick Large Electronic Rifle Safe with Handgun/Pistol Lock Box

Best Budget Gun Safe
best cheap long gun safe

Moutec Quick Large rifle safe will surely complete your all needs of storing rifles to handgun or pistol all in one safe. If you are the owner of the rifle and also if you have decided to buy handguns then I would suggest you go with this safe which can store your both firearms in one place.

Moutec unit is deeper and wider which can store 5 rifles of 50″ or shotguns easily with or without scopes. It has a separate locker box that stores ammo, handguns, pistol, or other valuables, etc. The inside locker box has a size of 5.6 inches which comes with 2 manual keys for a locker box to protect it from any unauthorized access.

In terms of security, this safe is made up of 14 gauge 100% steel walls which is pry-resistant, inner edges have temper resistant, etc which ensures wall to wall protection to keep away any unauthorized access. There is also a silent mode feature which is good for stealthier access.

If in case the battery runs low there will be warning sound which will alert you that your safe battery is running out. Even if the battery runs out completely and you have to access the safe then you can use 2 backup keys provided with safe to access in an emergency situation.

It comes with a Pre-punched mounting hole at the bottom or back of the safe to mount on the floor or back of the wall for better protection. It is always advisable to mount the safe so that burglars aren’t able to take with them if they weren’t able to break the safe.

Internal Dimensions13.4 x 12.4 x 56.5
External Dimensions14 x 13.8 x 57
Weight 88 Pounds
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockElectric Keypad & Manual Keys


  • Silent Mode
  • 3 Built-In Steel Locking Bolt
  • 3 Wrong Code Entry Alarm
  • 100% Steel Walls
  • Inside Locker Box


  • Not Fireproof
  • You Can Store 50″ Rifles Only

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Best cheap long gun safe

11). INVIE Quick Access Long Gun Safe

best budget gun safes
best cheap long gun safe

If you are looking for quality best cheap long gun safe then go with INVIE quick access long gun safe. You will get all the features from the manufactures which will protect your stored firearms.

INVIE unit comes with 10 pre-punched holes 6 at bottom and 4 at back for better mounting of the safe. It is equipped with a digital keypad with an electronic lock and a manual locking option. There is removable shelve where you can store all the important documents, jewelry, money, or handgun, etc.

The powder coating is done in such a way that it will protect from any stains.  This safe has 3 steel live locking bolt with drill resistant steel plate which will protect from any unauthorized access or prevent any forced entry.

There is 4 gun storage shelf for which can hold 4 rifles easily. There is no interior light and also you have to remove the scope to store long guns inside the unit.

Internal Dimensions9 x 8 x 50
External Dimensions9.8 x 8.7 x 52
Weight 68.89
Fire Rating Not Fireproof
LockElectric Keypad & Manual Keys


  • Easy Installation
  • Silent Mode
  • Seprate Lock Box
  • 3 Solid Bolt


  • No Interior Light
  • Not Fireproof and waterproof

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Buying Guide For Best Budget Gun Safe

Buying safe is not an easy task as there are lots of factors you have to consider before finalizing the quality gun safe in budget friendly price. There are many factors where you should pay attention but we have listed down 4 most important factors that make or break between poorly made safe and quality made safe.

Steel Gauge Thickness

Always pay attention to the steel gauge thickness. The overall construction of every safe is not equal and more importantly, the thickness of the walls. Avoid going with high number trap, because steel gauge in gun safe works differently. The more steel gauge the thinner it will be.


When you are going to choose the locking mechanism then there are 4 lock combinations is available in the market. These areas follow

  • Mechanical Lock: Mechanical Lock does not require any batteries or manual key to operate. They are maintenance-free and also if you practice properly to open then you can quickly open the safe in less than seconds.
  • Biometric Lock: Biometric Locks are fingerprint lock which is operated with the help of batteries. They tend to be known as quick access gun safe. From biometric safe, you can open the safe in less than 2.5 seconds as soon as your finger is scanned. 
  • Electronic Digital Lock: If you like to access the safe like modern-day dial lock quickly these locks are meant for you. Electronic lock requires the battery to operate but always go with that electronic lock which backlit when you press the code.
  • Lock & Key: This is an old fashioned way of locking your safe. It does not require any battery to operate and also a very easy way to operate the safe. But only one factor you have to keep in mind that you should keep the keys at a secure place where no one knows it. And if you lose the keys then you have to call the company to get the new one.


This is also one of the most important factors you should consider when deciding for a safe. First, decide how many guns you gonna store inside the safe. Are you gonna purchase more firearms in the future? Or you will be going to purchase only a few handguns/pistols, or a couple of rifles/handguns, etc. 

Because if you buy a gun safe which can store the only single gun and then you decide to buy more in the future then you will regret your decision of having a single stored gun safe. So always choose the gun safe keeping in mind about a future purchase.

Floor Bolting Ability

When we go for small safe it always recommended going with pre-drilled mounting safe. Bolting down the safe brings extra protection to safe. If a Bulgars weren’t able to pry-open the safe they will simply walk away with safe easily due to its weight. So always bolt the safe either on the floor or on the wall.

Sometimes Its Better To Invest More

I know you might be thinking that we are here for a budget-friendly gun safe and you are telling to invest more on best budget gun safe. But it’s true to invest more to get more safety and peace of mind for your stored firearms or other valuable items. I will again tell you price is not deciding factor, what type of quality the manufacture is providing, and is that fulfilling your need that is what decides the main factor.

If you invest a little bit more and get the best budget gun safe then I would say the money will be spent well and you will never regret your decision.

Final Words

I hope you like our detailed guide on the best budget gun safe and there will be no problem in selecting the quality unit for your firearms. I will not compare any product about which is best and which one you should go with because all safe is budget-friendly and each safe has its pros and cons.

So now it’s all up to you to which one is best for your firearms. Still, if you are not able to decide then I would suggest you read about the best gun for the money. There you might get the units and will surely help you out.